Psalm 49
Bishops' Bible of 1568 Par ▾ 

The Evanescence of Wealth
(Ecclesiastes 5:8–20)

1To the chiefe musition, a psalme of the children of Corach. Heare this all ye people: geue eare all ye that dwell in the worlde.

2As well lowe as high: riche and poore, one with another.

3My mouth shall vtter wisdome: the cogitations of myne heart wyll bryng foorth knowledge.

4I wyll encline myne eare to a parable: I wyll open my darke sentence vpon a harpe.

5Wherfore shoulde I feare in euyll dayes? the wickednesse of my heeles then would compasse me round about.

6There be some that put their trust in their goodes: and boast them selues in the multitude of their riches.

7But no man at all can redeeme his brother: nor geue a raunsome vnto God for hym.

8For the redemption of their soule is very costly, and must be let alone for euer:

9(49:8) yea though he lyue long and see not the graue.

10(49:9) For he seeth that wyse men dye: and that the foole and ignoraunt perishe together, and leaue their riches for other.

11(49:10) And yet they thynke that their houses shall continue for euer, and that their dwellyng places shall endure from one generation to another: therfore they call landes after their owne names.

12(49:11) Neuerthelesse, man can not abyde in such honour: he is but lyke vnto bruite beastes that perishe.

13(49:12) This their way is their foolishnesse: yet their posteritie prayse their saying. Selah.

14(49:13) They shalbe put into a graue dead as a sheepe, death shall feede on them: but the ryghteous shall haue dominion of them in the mornyng, their beautie shall consume away, hell shall receaue them from their house.

15(49:14) But God wyll delyuer my soule from the place of hell: for he wyll receaue me. Selah.

16(49:15) Be not thou afrayde though one be made riche: or yf the glorie of his house be encreased.

17(49:16) For he shall cary nothyng away with hym when he dyeth: neither shall his pompe folowe after hym.

18(49:17) For whyle he lyued he counted him selfe an happy man: and so long as thou doest well vnto thy selfe, men wyll speake good of thee.

19(49:18) But he shal folowe the generations of his fathers: and shall neuer see lyght.

20(49:19) A man is in an honourable state, but he wyll not vnderstande it: he is lyke herein vnto bruite beastes that perishe.

Bishops' Bible of 1568

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