1 Kings 9
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The LORD’s Response to Solomon
(2 Chronicles 7:11–22)

1And whan Salomon had fynished ye buyldinge of the house of the LORDE, and the kynges house, and all that his desyre and pleasure was to make, 2ye LORDE appeared vnto him the seconde tyme, euen as he appeared vnto him at Gibeon. 3And the LORDE sayde vnto him: I haue herde thy prayer and peticion, that thou hast made before me, and haue sanctified this house which thou hast buylded, that I maye set my name there for euer: and myne eyes and my hert shalbe there allwaye. 4And yf thou walke before me (as thy father Dauid walked) with a perfecte and a true hert, so that thou do all that I haue commaunded the, and kepe myne ordinaunces and lawes, 5then wyll I stablish the seate of thy kyngdome ouer Israel for euer, acordinge as I promysed thy father Dauid, and sayde: Thou shalt not wante a man from the seate of Israel.

6But yf ye turne back fro me, ye and youre childre, and kepe not my commaundementes and ordinaunces which I haue layed before you, but go and serue other goddes, and worshipe them, 7then wyll I rote Israel out of the londe that I haue geuen them. And the house that I haue halowed vnto my name, wyll I put awaye fro my face. And Israel shall be come a byworde and fabell amoge all nacions, 8and so shal this hye house: so that euery one yt goeth by, shall be astonyed, and make an hyssynge, and saye: Wherfore hath the LORDE done thus vnto this londe and to this house? 9Then shal it be answered: Because they forsoke ye LORDE their God, (which brought their fathers out of the londe of Egipte) and haue receaued other goddes, and worshipped them, and serued them. Therfore hath ye LORDE brought all this euell vpon them.

Solomon’s Additional Achievements
(2 Chronicles 8:1–18)

10Now whan the twentye yeares were ended, wherin Salomon buylded the two houses, the LORDES house and the kynges house, 11where vnto Hiram the kynge of Tyre brought Salomo Ceder trees & Pyne trees, and golde after all his desyre, then gaue kynge Salomon vnto Hiram twentye cities in the countre of Galile. 12And Hiram departed from Tyre to vyset the cities which Salomon had geuen him, & they pleased him not, 13and he sayde: What maner of cities are these (my brother) that thou hast geue me? And he called them the londe of Cabul vnto this daye. 14And Hiram vnto the kynge, sixe score hundreth weight of Golde.

15And the same is the summe of the taxe, that kynge Salomon raysed to the buyldinge of the house of the LORDE, and his awne house, & Millo, and the walles of Ierusalem, and Hasor, and Megiddo, and Gaser. 16For Pharao ye kynge of Egipte came vp, and wane Gaser, & brent it with fyre, & slewe the Cananites yt dwelt in the cite, & gaue it for a gifte vnto his doughter Salomos wife. 17So Salomon buylded Gaser, & the lower Bethoron, 18and Baelath and Thamar, in ye wyldernes, in the londe, 19& all the cities of the corne houses that Salomon had, and all the cities of the charettes, & all the cities of the horsmen, and what it pleased him to buylde at Ierusalem, in Libanus, & in euery countre of his domynion. 20And all the remnaunt of the people of the Amorytes, Hethites, Pheresites, Heuites and Iebusites, which were not of the children of Israel, 21their children which they lefte behynde them in the londe (whom the children of Israel coulde not vtterly destroye) those dyd Salomon make tributaries vnto this daye. 22But of the children of Israel he made no bondmen, but let them be men of warre, and his seruauntes, and prynces, and knightes, and ouer his charettes and horsme.

23And the officers which were ouer Salomons busynesse, were fyue hundreth and fyftye, which ruled the people, and perfourmed the worke.

24And Pharaos doughter wente vp from the cite of Dauid, in to hir house which he had buylded for her. Then buylded he Millo likewyse.

25And thre tymes in the yeare dyd Salomon offre burntofferynges and deedofferynges vpon the altare that he had buylded vnto the LORDE, and burnt incense vpon it before the LORDE, and so was the house ended and fynished.

26And Salomon made shippes also at Ezeon Geber, which lyeth by Eloth besyde the Reed See shore in ye londe of the Edomites. 27And Hiram sent his seruauntes by shippe, which were shipmen, and had experience of the See, with Salomons seruauntes, 28and they came vnto Ophir, and fetched from thence one & twenty score hundreth weight of golde, and brought it vnto Salomon.

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