1 Thessalonians 2
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Paul’s Ministry

1For ye youre selues (brethren) knowe of oure intrauce vnto you, how that it was not in vayne, 2but as we had suffred afore, & were shamefully intreated at Philippos (as ye knowe) we were bolde in oure God, to speake vnto you ye Gospel of God with moch stryuynge. 3For oure exhortacion was not to brynge you to erroure ner yet to vnclennes, nether was it with gyle: 4but as we are alowed of God, that the Gospell shulde be commytted vnto vs to preache, euen so we speake, not as though we wolde please me, but God, which tryeth oure hertes. 5For we haue not gone aboute with flateringe wordes (as ye knowe) ner wayted for oure owne profit (God is recorde) 6nether soughte we prayse of men, nether of you ner of eny other, whan we mighte haue bene chargeable vnto you as the Apostles off Christ, 7but we were tender amonge you. Like as a norsse cherisheth hir children, 8euen so had we hartely affeccion towarde you, and wolde with good wyl haue dealte vnto you, not onely the Gospell of God, but oure lyues also, because ye were deare vnto vs.

9Ye remembre brethren oure laboure and trauayle. For daye and nighte wroughte we (because we wolde not be chargeable vnto eny of you) and preached the Gospell of God amonge you. 10Ye are witnesses, and so is God, how holyly and iustly and vnblameable we behaued oure selues amoge you that beleue: 11as ye knowe, how that as a father his children, euen so exhorted we and comforted and besoughte euery one of you, 12that ye wolde walke worthely before God, which hath called you vnto his kyngdome & glory.

13For this cause thanke we God without ceassynge, because that wha ye receaued of vs the worde of the preachinge of God, ye receaued it not as ye worde of men, but (eue as it is of a trueth) the worde of God, which worketh in you that beleue. 14For ye brethren are become the folowers off the congregacions off God which in Iewry are in Christ Iesu, so that ye haue suffred euen like thinges of youre kynsmen, as they haue suffred of the Iewes. 15Which as they put the LORDE Iesus to death, and their awne prophetes, euen so haue they persecuted vs also, and please not God, and are cotrary to all men, 16forbyddinge vs to speake vnto the Heythen that they mighte be saued, to fulfill their synnes allwaye: for the wrath is come vpon them allready vnto ye vttemost.

Paul’s Longing to Visit

17But we (brethren) for as moch as we haue bene kepte from you for a season, as concernynge the bodely presence, but not in the hert, we haue haisted the more with greate desyre to se you personally. 18Therfore wolde we haue come vnto you, (I Paul) two tymes, but Sathan withstode vs. 19For who is oure hope, or ioye, or crowne of reioysinge? are not ye it in ye sighte of oure LORDE Iesus Christ at his commynge? 20Yes ye are oure prayse and ioye.

Coverdale Bible of 1535

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