2 Chronicles 34
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Josiah Reigns in Judah
(2 Kings 22:1–2)

1Iosias was eight yeare olde whan he was made kynge, and reigned one and thirtye yeare at Ierusalem, 2and dyd that which was righte in the sighte of the LORDE, and walked in the wayes of Dauid his father, and turned not asyde, nether to the righte hande ner to the lefte.

Josiah Destroys Idolatry
(1 Kings 13:1–10; 2 Kings 23:4–20)

3For in the eight yeare of his reigne wha he was yet but a childe, he beganne to seke the God of his father Dauid: and in the twolueth yeare begane he to clense Iuda and Ierusale from the hye places and groues, and carued Idols, and molten ymages: 4and caused the altares of Baalim to be broken downe before him, and the ymages that were theron, hewed he downe. And ye groues and carued Idols and molte ymages brake he in peces, and made them to dust, and scatred it vpon the graues of them that had offred vnto them. 5And the bones of the prestes brent he vpo the altares, and so clesed he Iuda & Ierusale, 6& in ye cities of Manasses, Ephraim, Simeon, and vnto Nephtali in their wyldernesses on euerysyde. 7And wha he had broken downe the altares and groues, and smytten the Idols in peces, and hewed downe all the ymages in all the londe of Israel, he came agayne to Ierusalem.

Josiah Repairs the Temple
(2 Kings 22:3–7)

8In the eighteth yeare of his reigne wha he had clensed the londe and the house, he sent Saphan the sonne of Asalia and Maeseia the Shreue of the cite, and Ioath the sonne of Ioahas the Chaunceler, to repayre the house of the LORDE his God. 9And they came to Hechias ye hye prest, and there was delyuered vnto them the money that was broughte vnto the house of God, which the Leuites (that kepte the threshouldes) had gathered, of Manasses, Epraim, and of all the residue in Israel, and of all Iuda & Ben Iamin, and of them that dwelt at Ierusale, 10and they delyuered it vnto the hades of the worke men in the house of the LORDE, and gaue it vnto those that wrought in the house of the LORDE, where it was in decaye, yt they shulde repayre it. 11And the same gaue it forth vnto the carpenters and buylders, to bye fre stone and hewen tymber for the balkes in the houses, which the kynges had destroyed. 12And the men laboured faithfully in the worke. And ouer them were ordeyned, Iahath and Obadia the Leuites of the children of Merari: Zachary and Mesullam of the children of the Kahathites, to further the worke, and they were all Leuites that coulde playe vpon instrumentes. 13But ouer them that bare burthens and furthured all maner of worke in all the offices, there were scrybes, officers and dore kepers of the Leuites.

Hilkiah Finds the Book of the Law
(2 Kings 22:8–13)

14And wha they toke out the money that was broughte vnto ye house of the LORDE, Helchias the prest founde the boke of the lawe of the LORDE geuen by Moses. 15And Helchias answered, and saide vnto Saphan the Scrybe: I haue founde the boke of the lawe in ye house of ye LORDE. And Helchias delyuered the boke vnto Saphan. 16And Saphan bare it vnto the kynge, and broughte ye kynge worde agayne, and sayde: All that was geuen vnder the handes of thy seruauntes, that make they: 17and ye money that was founde in ye house of the LORDE, haue they gathered together, and delyuered it vnto ye officers, and to the workmen. 18And Saphan the Scrybe tolde the kynge, and sayde: Helchias the prest hath delyuered me a boke. And Saphan red therin before the kynge.

19And whan the kynge herde the wordes of the lawe, he rente his clothes. 20And the kynge commaunded Helchias and Ahicam the sonne of Saphan, and Abdon the sonne of Micha, and Saphan the Scrybe, and Asaia the kynges seruaunt, and sayde: 21Go youre waye, axe councell at the LORDE for me and for the remnaunt in Israel, and for Iuda, concernynge these wordes of the boke that is founde. For greate is the indignacion of the LORDE that is gone forth ouer vs, because oure fathers haue not kepte the worde of the LORDE, to do acordinge as it is wrytten in this boke.

Huldah’s Prophecy
(2 Kings 22:14–20)

22Then wete Helchias (with the other that were sent from the kynge) vnto the prophetisse Hulda the wife of Sallum the Sonne of Thecoath the sonne of Hasra the keper of the clothes, which dwelt at Ierusalem in the secode parte, and they spake this vnto her. 23And she sayde vnto them: Thus sayeth the LORDE God of Israel: Tell the man yt sent you vnto me: 24Thus sayeth ye LORDE: Beholde, I wil brynge plages vpo this place and the inhabiters therof, eue all the curses which are wrytten in the boke, that was red before the kynge of Iuda: 25because they haue forsake me, and bret incese vnto other goddes, to prouoke me with all the workes of their handes. And my indignacion shal go forth vpon this cite, and shal not be quenched. 26And after this maner shal ye saye vnto the kynge of Iuda, that sent you to axe councell at the LORDE: Thus sayeth ye LORDE God of Israel concernynge the wordes that thou hast herde: 27Because thine hert is moued, and because thou hast humbled thy selfe in the sighte of God, whan thou herdest his wordes agaynst this place and the inhabiters therof, and hast submytted thy selfe before me, and rent thy clothes, and wepte before me, therfore haue I herde the, sayeth ye LORDE. 28Beholde, I wil gather the vnto thy fathers, and thou shalt be layed in thy graue with peace, so yt thine eyes shal not se all the euell that I wyl brynge ouer this place, and the indwellers therof. And they broughte the kynge worde agayne.

Josiah Renews the Covenant
(2 Kings 23:1–3)

29Then sent ye kynge, and caused all the Elders in Iuda and Ierusalem to come together. 30And the kynge wente vp in to the house of the LORDE, and all the men of Iuda and inhabiters of Ierusale, the prestes, the Leuites, and all the people both small and greate: and all the wordes in the boke of the couenaunt that was founde in the house of the LORDE, were red in their eares.

31And ye kynge stode in his place, and made a couenaunt before the LORDE, that they shulde walke after the LORDE, to kepe his comaundementes, his testimonies, and his statutes with all their hert and with all their soule, to do accordinge vnto all the wordes of the couenaunt that are wrytten in this boke. 32And there stode all they that were founde at Ierusalem and in Ben Iamin. And ye inhabiters of Ierusalem dyd acordinge to the couenaunt of God the God of their fathers. 33And Iosias put awaye all abhominacions out of all the londes that were the children of Israels, and caused all them that were founde in Israel, to serue the LORDE their God. As longe as Iosias lyued, departed they not from the LORDE the God of their fathers.

Coverdale Bible of 1535

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