Daniel 6
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The Plot against Daniel

1It pleased Darius to set ouer his kigdome an C and xx.lordes, which shulde be in all his kingdome aboute. 2Aboue these he set thre prynces (off whom Daniel was one) that the lordes might geue accomptes vnto them, and the kynge to be vndiseased. 3But Daniel exceaded all these princes ad lordes, for the sprete off God was plenteous in him: so that the kynge was mynded to set him ouer the whole realme. 4Wherfore the prynces and lordes sought, to pyke out in Daniel some quarel agaynst the kyngdome: yet coude they fynde none occasion ner fawte vpon him. For why: he was so faythful, yt there was no blame ner dishonesty founde in him. 5Then sayde these men: we will get no quarell agaynst this Daniel, excepte it be in the lawe off his God.

6Vpon this, wente the princes and lordes together vnto the kynge, and sayde thus vnto him: kynge Darius, God saue thy life for euer. 7All the great estates off the realme: as ye prynces, dukes, senatours and iudges, are determed to put out a commaundement off ye kynge, and to make a sure statute: namely, that who so desyreth eny peticion, ether of eny god or man (with in this xxx. dayes) excepte it be only off the, O kynge: the same person maye be cast in to the Lyons denne. 8Wherfore, o kynge, confirme thou this statute, and make a writynge: that the thynge which the Medes and Perses haue ordened be not altered ner broken. 9So Darius made the wrytynge, and confirmed it.

Daniel in the Lions’ Den

10Now when Daniel vnderstode that the wrytynge was made, he wente in to his house: and the wyndowes of his hall towarde Ierusalem stode open. There kneled he downe vpon his knees, thre tymes a daye: there he made his peticion, and praysed his God, like as his maner was to do afore tyme. 11Then these men made searche, and founde Daniel makynge his peticion, and prayenge vnto his God. 12So they came to the kynge, and spake before him concernynge his commaundement, sayenge: O kynge, hast thou not subscribed the statute, that within xxx. dayes who so requyreth his peticion off eny god or man, but only of thy self, o kynge: he shalbe cast in to the denne of the Lyons? The kynge answered, ad sayde: yee, it is true. It must be as a lawe of ye Medes and Perses, that maye not be broken. 13Then answered they, and sayde vnto the kynge: Daniel one of the presoners of Iuda (O kynge) regardeth nether the ner thy statute, that thou hast made, but maketh his peticion thre tymes a daye.

14When the kynge herde these wordes, he was sore greued, and wolde haue excused Daniel, to delyuer him, and put off the matter, vnto the Sonne wete downe, to the intent that he might saue him. 15These men perceauynge the kynges mynde, sayde vnto him: knowe this (o kynge) that the lawe off the Medes and Perses is, that the commaundement and statute which the kynge maketh, maye not be altered.

16Then the kynge bad them brynge Daniel, and they cast him in to the Lyons denne. The kynge also spake vnto Daniel, ad sayde: Thy God, whom thou allwaye seruest, euen he shall defende the. 17And there was brought a stone, and layed vpon the hole of the denne: this the kynge sealed with his owne rynge, and with ye signet of his prynces: that the kynges commaundement concernynge Daniel, shulde not be broken. 18So the kynge wente in to his palace, and kepte him sober all night, so that there was no table spred before him, nether coude he take eny slepe.

19But be tymes in the mornynge at the breake off the daye, the kynge arose, and wente in all haist vnto the denne off the Lyons. 20Now as he came nye vnto ye dene, he cried wt a piteous voyce vnto Daniel: Yee ye kige spake, and sayde vnto Daniel: O Daniel, thou seruaunt off the lyuynge God, Is not thy God (whom thou allwaye seruest) able to delyuer the from the lyons? 21Daniel sayde vnto the kynge: O kynge, God saue thy life for euer: 22My God hath sent his angel, which hath shut the lyons mouthes, so that they might not hurte me. For why: myne vngiltynesse is founde out before him. And as for the (o kynge) I neuer offended the. 23Then was the kynge exceadinge glad, ad commaunded to take Daniel out off the denne. So Daniel was brought out of the dene, and no maner of hurte was founde vpo him For he put his trust in his God.

24And as for those men which had accused Daniel, the kige commaunded to bringe them, and to cast them in the lyons denne: them, their children and their wyues. So the lyons had the mastry of them, and brake all their bones a sonder, or euer they came at the grounde.

Darius Honors God

25After this, wrote kynge Darius vnto all people, kynreddes and tunges, that dwelt in all londes: peace be multiplied with you:

26My commaundement is, in all my dominio and kyngdome, that men feare and stonde in awe off Daniels God: For he is the lyuinge God, which abydeth euer: his kyngdome shall not fayle, and his power is euerlastynge.

27It is he that delyuereth, and saueth: he doth wonders and maruelous workes, in heauen and in earth: he hath preserued. Daniel from the power of the lyons.

28This Daniel prospered in the raigne off Darius and Cirus of Persia.

Coverdale Bible of 1535

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