Proverbs 20
Coverdale Bible of 1535 Par ▾ 

Wine Is a Mocker

1Wyne is a voluptuous thinge, & drockennes causeth sedicion: who so delyteth therin, shal neuer be wyse.

2The kynge ought to be feared as the roaringe of a lyon, who so prouoketh him vnto anger, offendeth agaynst his owne soule.

3It is a mans honoure to kepe himself from strife, but they yt haue pleasure in braulinge, are fooles eueryone.

4A slouthfull body wyl not go to plowe for colde, therfore shal he go abegginge in Sommer, and haue nothinge.

5Wyse councell in the herte of man is like a water in the depe of the earth, but he that hath vnderstondinge, bryngeth it forth.

6Many there be that are called good doers, but where shal one fynde a true faithful ma?

7Who so ledeth a godly and an innocent life, happie shal his children be, whom he leaueth behynde him.

8A kynge that sytteth in iudgment, and loketh well aboute him, dryueth awaye all euell.

9Who can saye: my hert is cleane, I am innocent from synne?

10To vse two maner of weightes, or two maner of measures, both these are abhominable vnto the LORDE.

11A childe is knowne by his conuersacion, whether his workes be pure and right.

12As for the hearinge of the eare & the sight of ye eye, ye LORDE hath made the both.

13Delyte not thou in slepe, lest thou come vnto pouerte: but ope thine eyes, & thou shalt haue bred ynough.

14It is naught, It is naught (saye men) whan they haue it, but whan it is gone, they geue it a good worde.

15A mouth of vnderstodinge is more worth then golde, many precious stones, and costly Iewels.

16Take his garment that is suertie for a straunger, & take a pledge of him for ye vnknowne mans sake.

17Euery ma liketh the bred that is gotten with disceate, but at the last is mouth shalbe fylled with grauell.

18Thorow councell the thinges that men deuyse go forwarde: & with discrecion ought warres to be taken in honde.

19Medle not with him that bewrayeth secretes, and is a slaunderer, and disceaueth with his lippes.

20Who so curseth his father and mother, his light shalbe put out in the myddest of darcknesse.

21The heretage that commeth to haistely at the first, shal not be praysed at the ende.

22Saye not thou: I will recompence euell, but put yi trust in the LORDE, & he shal defende ye.

23The LORDE abhorreth two maner of weightes, and a false balauce is an euell thinge.

24The LORDE ordreth euery mas goinges, for what is he, that vnderstondeth his owne wayes?

25It is a snare for a man to blaspheme that which is holy, & then to go aboute wt vowes.

26A wyse kynge destroyeth ye vngodly, & bryngeth the whele ouer them.

27The lanterne of ye LORDE is ye breth of man, & goeth thorow all the inwarde partes of the body.

28Mercy & faithfulnes preserue the kynge, & with louynge kyndnes his seate is holden vp.

29The strength of yonge men is their worshipe, & a gray heade, is an honor vnto ye aged.

30Woundes dryue awaye euell, and so do stripes the inwarde partes of the body.

Coverdale Bible of 1535

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