Romans 16
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Personal Greetings and Love

1I commende vnto you Phebe oure sister, which is a mynister of the congregacion of Cenchrea, 2that ye receaue her in the LORDE, as it be cometh the sayntes, and that ye helpe her in whatsoeuer busynesse she hath neade off you. For she hath succoured many, and myne awne selfe also.

3Grete Prisca and Aquila my helpers in Christ Iesu, 4which for my life haue layed downe their awne neckes: vnto whom not I onely geue thankes, but all the congregacions of the Heythen. 5Grete the congregacion also in their house. Salute Epenetos my beloued, which is ye first frute amoge the of Achaia i Christ. 6Grete Mary, which hath bestowed moch laboure on vs. 7Salute Andronicus & Iunia my cosens, & felowe presoners, which are awncient Apostles, & were before me in Christ. 8Grete Amplias my beloued in ye LORDE. 9Salute Vrban or helper in Christ, & Stachis my beloued. 10Salute Apelles approued in Christ. Salute them which are of Aristobolus housholde. 11Salute Herodion my kynssman. Grete the which are of Narcissus housholde in the LORDE 12Salute Tryphena & Tryphosa, which haue laboured in ye LORDE. Salute my beloued Persida, which hath laboured moch & ye LORDE. 13Salute Ruffus ye chosen in ye LORDE: & his mother & myne. 14Grete Asyncritus, Phlego, Herman, Patrobas, Hermen, & ye brethre wt the. 15Salute Philologus & Iulia, Nerius & his sister, & Olympa, & all the sayntes. wt the 16Salute one another wt an holy kysse. The cogregacions of Christ salute you.

Avoid Divisions
(Titus 3:9–11)

17I beseke you brethren, marke them which cause deuysion & geue occasions of euell, contrary to ye doctryne which ye haue learned, & avoyde them. 18For they yt are soch, serue not the LORDE Iesu Christ, but their awne belly: & thorow swete preachinges & flateringe wordes, they disceaue ye hertes of ye innocentes. 19For youre obedience is published amonge all men, therfore am I glad of you.But yet I wolde haue you wyse in that which is good, & symple in euell. 20The God of peace treade Sathan vnder yor fete shortly. The grace of or LORDE Iesu Christ be with you

Greetings from Paul’s Fellow Workers
(Colossians 4:7–14)

21Timotheus my helper, & Lucius, & Iason, & Sopater my kynsme salute you.

22I Tertius which haue writte this epistle in ye LORDE,

23salute you Gaius myne ooste & ye oost of ye whole cogregacion saluteth you. Erastus ye chaberlaine of ye cite saluteth you & Quartus a brother saluteth you. 24The grace of or LORDE Iesu Christ be wt you all Ame,

(Jude 1:24–25)

25To him yt is of power to stablyshe you, acordinge to my Gospell & preachinge of Iesu Christ, wherby is vttered ye mystery which hath bene kepte secrete, sence ye worlde begane, 26but now is opened, & shewed by the scriptures of ye prophetes, at the comaundemet of the euerlastinge God, to set vp ye obediece of the faith amonge all Heythen: 27to the same God, which alone is wyse, be prayse thorow Iesus Christ for euer, Amen.

Coverdale Bible of 1535

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