Zechariah 12
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The Coming Deliverance of Jerusalem

1The heuy burthen which ye LORDE hath deuysed for Israel. Thus saieth the LORDE, which spred the heaues abrode, layde the foundacion of the earth, and geueth man ye breath of life:

2Beholde, I will make Ierusalem a cuppe of surfet, vnto all the people yt are rounde aboute her: Yee Iuda himself also shalbe in the sege agaynst Ierusalem. 3At the same tyme will I make Ierusalem an heuy stone for all people, so that all soch as lift it vp, shalbe toarne and rete, and all the people of the earth shalbe gathered together agaynst it. 4In that daye (sayeth ye LORDE) I wil make all horses abasshed, and those that ryde vpon them, to be out of their wyttes. I will open myne eyes vpon the house of Iuda, ad smyte all the horses of the people with blyndnesse. 5And the prynces of Iuda shall saye in their hertes: The inhabiters off Ierusalem shall geue me consolacion in the LORDE off hoostes their God.

6In that tyme will I make the prynces of Iuda like an hote burnynge ouen with wodd, and like a cresshet off fyre amonge the strawe: so that they shal cosume all the people roude aboute them, both vpon the right honde and the left. Ierusale also shalbe inhabited agayne: namely, in the same place where Ierusalem stondeth. 7The LORDE shall preserue the tentes off Iuda like as afore tyme: so that the glory of the house of Dauid and the glory of the cytesyns of Ierusalem, shalbe but litle regarded, in comparison off the glory off Iuda. 8In that daye shall the LORDE defende the citesyns of Ierusalem: so that the weakest then amonge them shalbe as Dauid: and the house of Dauid shalbe like as Gods house, and as the angell off the LORDE before them. 9At the same tyme will I go aboute to destroye all soch people as come agaynst Ierusalem.

Mourning the One They Pierced
(John 19:31–37)

10Morouer, vpon the house off Dauid and vpon the citesyns off Ierusalem, will I poure out the sprete of grace and prayer: so that they shal loke vpon me, whom they haue pearsed: and they shall bewepe him, as men mourne for their only begotten sonne: Yee and be sory for him, as men are sory for their first childe. 11Then shall there be a greate mournynge at Ierusalem, like as the lamentacion at Adremnon in the felde off Maggadon. 12And the londe shall bewayle, euery kynred by the selues: The kynred off the house of Dauid them selues alone, and their wyues by them selues: 13The kynred off the house of Nathan them selues alone, and their wyues by them selues: The kynred off the house of Leui the selues alone, and their wiues by them selues: The kynred of the house of Semei them selues alone, and their wyues by them selues: 14In like maner, all the other generacios, euerychone by them selues alone, and their wyues by them selues.

Coverdale Bible of 1535

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