2 Samuel 3:20
When Abner and twenty of his men came to David at Hebron, David held a feast for them.
Cross References
2 Samuel 3:19
Abner also spoke to the Benjamites and went to Hebron to tell David all that seemed good to Israel and the whole house of Benjamin.

2 Samuel 3:21
Then Abner said to David, "Let me go at once, and I will gather all Israel to my lord the king, that they may make a covenant with you, and that you may rule over all that your heart desires." So David dismissed Abner, and he went in peace.

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Genesis 26:30
So Isaac prepared a feast for them, and they ate and drank.

Genesis 31:54
Then Jacob offered a sacrifice on the mountain and invited his kinsmen to eat a meal. And after they had eaten, they spent the night on the mountain.

Esther 1:3
In the third year of his reign, Xerxes held a feast for all his officials and servants. The military leaders of Persia and Media were there, along with the nobles and princes of the provinces.

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