Job 19:9
He has stripped me of my honor and removed the crown from my head.
Cross References
Job 12:17
He leads counselors away barefoot and makes fools of judges.

Job 12:19
He leads priests away barefoot and overthrows the established.

Job 16:15
I have sewn sackcloth over my skin; I have buried my horn in the dust.

Psalm 89:39
You have renounced the covenant with Your servant and sullied his crown in the dust.

Psalm 89:44
You have ended his splendor and cast his throne to the ground.

Proverbs 27:24
for riches are not forever, nor does a crown endure to every generation.

Lamentations 5:16
The crown has fallen from our head. Woe to us, for we have sinned!

Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


Job 29:7-14, 20, 21
When I went out to the city gate and took my seat in the public square, . . .

Job 30:1
But now they mock me, men younger than I am, whose fathers I would have refused to put with my sheep dogs.

Psalm 49:16, 17
Do not be amazed when a man grows rich, when the splendor of his house increases. . . .

Psalm 89:44
You have ended his splendor and cast his throne to the ground.

Isaiah 61:6
But you will be called the priests of the LORD; they will speak of you as ministers of our God; you will feed on the wealth of the nations, and you will boast in their riches.

Hosea 9:11
Ephraim's glory will fly away like a bird, with no birth, no pregnancy, and no conception.

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