Judges 1:9
Afterward, the men of Judah marched down to fight against the Canaanites living in the hill country, in the Negev, and in the foothills.
Cross References
Genesis 12:9
And Abram journeyed on toward the Negev.

Judges 1:8
Then the men of Judah fought against Jerusalem and captured it. They put the city to the sword and set it on fire.

Judges 1:10
Judah also marched against the Canaanites who were living in Hebron (formerly known as Kiriath-arba), and they struck down Sheshai, Ahiman, and Talmai.

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Joshua 10:36
Then Joshua and all Israel with him went up from Eglon to Hebron and fought against it.

Joshua 11:21
At that time Joshua proceeded to eliminate the Anakim from the hill country of Hebron, Debir, and Anab, and from all the hill country of Judah and of Israel. Joshua completely destroyed them with their cities.

Joshua 15:13-20
According to the LORD's command to him, Joshua gave Caleb son of Jephunneh a portion among the sons of Judah--Kiriath-arba, that is, Hebron. (Arba was the forefather of Anak.) . . .


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