Psalm 118:15
Shouts of joy and salvation resound in the tents of the righteous: "The right hand of the LORD performs with valor!
Cross References
Luke 1:51
He has performed mighty deeds with His arm; He has scattered those who are proud in the thoughts of their hearts.

Exodus 15:6
Your right hand, O LORD, is majestic in power; Your right hand, O LORD, has shattered the enemy.

Psalm 68:3
But the righteous will be glad and rejoice before God; they will celebrate with joy.

Psalm 89:13
Mighty is Your arm, strong is Your hand; Your right hand is exalted.

Psalm 106:5
that I may see the prosperity of Your chosen ones, and rejoice in the gladness of Your nation, and give glory with your inheritance.

Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


Psalm 30:11, 12
You turned my mourning into dancing; You peeled off my sackcloth and clothed me with joy, . . .

Psalm 32:11
Be glad in the LORD and rejoice, O righteous; shout for joy, all you upright in heart.

Psalm 33:1
Rejoice in the LORD, O you righteous; befitting is the praise of the upright.

Psalm 119:54, 111
Your statutes are songs to me in the house of my pilgrimage. . . .

Deuteronomy 12:12
And you shall rejoice before the LORD your God--you, your sons and daughters, and your menservants and maidservants, and the Levite within your gates, since he has no portion or inheritance among you.

Isaiah 51:11
So the redeemed of the LORD will return and enter Zion with singing, crowned with unending joy. Joy and gladness will overtake them, and sorrow and sighing will flee.

Isaiah 65:13
Therefore this is what the Lord GOD says: "My servants will eat, but you will go hungry; My servants will drink, but you will go thirsty; My servants will rejoice, but you will be put to shame.

Acts 2:46, 47
With one accord they continued to meet daily in the temple courts and to break bread from house to house, sharing their meals with gladness and sincerity of heart, . . .

Acts 16:34
Then he brought them into his home and set a meal before them. So he and all his household rejoiced that they had come to believe in God.

Revelation 18:20
"Rejoice over her, O heaven, and you saints and apostles and prophets; because it is for you that God has pronounced His judgment against her."

Revelation 19:1-5
After this I heard a sound like the roar of a great multitude in heaven, shouting: "Hallelujah! Salvation and glory and power belong to our God! . . .

the right

Psalm 44:3
For it was not by their sword that they took the land; their arm did not bring them victory; it was by Your right hand, Your arm, and the light of Your face; for You delighted in them.

Psalm 45:4
In your splendor ride forth in victory on behalf of truth and humility and justice; may your right hand show your awesome deeds.

Psalm 60:12
With God we will perform with valor; He will trample our enemies.

Psalm 89:13
Mighty is Your arm, strong is Your hand; Your right hand is exalted.

Psalm 98:1
Sing to the LORD a new song, for He has done wonders; His right hand and holy arm have gained Him the victory.

Isaiah 51:9, 10
Awaken, awaken, put on strength, O arm of the LORD. Wake up as in days past, as in generations of long ago. Was it not You who cut Rahab to pieces, who pierced through the dragon? . . .

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