Psalm 140
GOD'S WORD® Translation

1[For the choir leader; a psalm by David.] Rescue me from evil people, O LORD. Keep me safe from violent people.

2They plan evil things in their hearts. They start fights every day.

3They make their tongues as sharp as a snake's [fang]. Their lips hide the venom of poisonous snakes. [Selah]

4Protect me from the hands of wicked people, O LORD. Keep me safe from violent people. They try to trip me.

5Arrogant people have laid a trap for me. They have spread out a net with ropes. They have set traps for me along the road. [Selah]

6I said to the LORD, "You are my God." O LORD, open your ears to hear my plea for pity.

7O LORD Almighty, the strong one who saves me, you have covered my head in the day of battle.

8O LORD, do not give wicked people what they want. Do not let their evil plans succeed, [or] they will become arrogant. [Selah]

9Let the heads of those who surround me be covered with their own threats.

10Let burning coals fall on them. Let them be thrown into a pit, never to rise again.

11Do not let slanderers prosper on earth. Let evil hunt down violent people with one blow after another.

12I know that the LORD will defend the rights of those who are oppressed and the cause of those who are needy.

13Indeed, righteous people will give thanks to your name. Decent people will live in your presence.

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