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’ă·ḏam·meh- — 2 Occurrences

Lamentations 2:13
HEB: אֲעִידֵ֞ךְ מָ֣ה אֲדַמֶּה־ לָּ֗ךְ הַבַּת֙
NAS: you? To what shall I compare you, O daughter
KJV: for thee? what thing shall I liken to thee, O daughter
INT: admonish to what compare daughter Jerusalem

Hosea 12:10
HEB: וּבְיַ֥ד הַנְּבִיאִ֖ים אֲדַמֶּֽה׃
NAS: the prophets I gave parables.
KJV: visions, and used similitudes, by the ministry
INT: and through the prophets gave

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