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ba·‘ă·ḇō·ṯîm — 2 Occurrences

Judges 16:11
HEB: אָס֤וֹר יַאַסְר֙וּנִי֙ בַּעֲבֹתִ֣ים חֲדָשִׁ֔ים אֲשֶׁ֛ר
NAS: with new ropes which
KJV: with new ropes that never were occupied,
INT: bind tightly ropes new which

Psalm 118:27
HEB: אִסְרוּ־ חַ֥ג בַּעֲבֹתִ֑ים עַד־ קַ֝רְנ֗וֹת
NAS: the festival sacrifice with cords to the horns
KJV: the sacrifice with cords, [even] unto the horns
INT: Bind the festival cords against to the horns

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