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baṯ — 3 Occurrences

1 Kings 7:26
HEB: שׁוֹשָׁ֑ן אַלְפַּ֥יִם בַּ֖ת יָכִֽיל׃ פ
NAS: it could hold two thousand baths.
KJV: it contained two thousand baths.
INT: a lily thousand baths hold

1 Kings 7:38
HEB: נְחֹ֑שֶׁת אַרְבָּעִ֨ים בַּ֜ת יָכִ֣יל ׀ הַכִּיּ֣וֹר
NAS: held forty baths; each basin
KJV: forty baths: [and] every
INT: of bronze forty baths held basin

Isaiah 5:10
HEB: כֶ֔רֶם יַעֲשׂ֖וּ בַּ֣ת אֶחָ֑ת וְזֶ֥רַע
NAS: [only] one bath [of wine], And a homer
KJV: one bath, and the seed
INT: of vineyard will yield bath one of seed

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