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bə·’ā·lāh — 3 Occurrences

Nehemiah 10:29
HEB: אַדִּירֵיהֶם֒ וּבָאִ֞ים בְּאָלָ֣ה וּבִשְׁבוּעָ֗ה לָלֶ֙כֶת֙
NAS: and are taking on themselves a curse and an oath
KJV: and entered into a curse, and into an oath,
INT: their nobles taking A curse and an oath to walk

Job 31:30
HEB: חִכִּ֑י לִשְׁאֹ֖ל בְּאָלָ֣ה נַפְשֽׁוֹ׃
NAS: By asking for his life in a curse.
KJV: to sin by wishing a curse to his soul.
INT: my mouth asking A curse his life

Ezekiel 17:13
HEB: וַיָּבֵ֤א אֹתוֹ֙ בְּאָלָ֔ה וְאֶת־ אֵילֵ֥י
NAS: with him, putting him under oath. He also took
KJV: with him, and hath taken an oath of him: he hath also taken
INT: A covenant putting oath the mighty of the land

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