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ḥê·qer — 7 Occurrences

Job 5:9
HEB: גְ֭דֹלוֹת וְאֵ֣ין חֵ֑קֶר נִ֝פְלָא֗וֹת עַד־
NAS: and unsearchable things, Wonders
INT: great else things Wonders against

Job 9:10
HEB: עַד־ אֵ֣ין חֵ֑קֶר וְנִפְלָא֗וֹת עַד־
NAS: great things, unfathomable, And wondrous works
KJV: past finding out; yea, and wonders
INT: against past out and wondrous against

Job 34:24
HEB: כַּבִּירִ֣ים לֹא־ חֵ֑קֶר וַיַּעֲמֵ֖ד אֲחֵרִ֣ים
NAS: without inquiry, And sets
KJV: mighty men without number, and set
INT: mighty without inquiry and sets others

Job 36:26
HEB: שָׁנָ֣יו וְלֹא־ חֵֽקֶר׃
KJV: of his years be searched out.
INT: of his years be searched out

Psalm 145:3
HEB: וְ֝לִגְדֻלָּת֗וֹ אֵ֣ין חֵֽקֶר׃
KJV: and his greatness [is] unsearchable.
INT: and his greatness else unsearchable

Proverbs 25:3
HEB: מְ֝לָכִ֗ים אֵ֣ין חֵֽקֶר׃
KJV: of kings [is] unsearchable.
INT: of kings else unsearchable

Isaiah 40:28
HEB: יִיגָ֑ע אֵ֥ין חֵ֖קֶר לִתְבוּנָתֽוֹ׃
KJV: not, neither is weary? [there is] no searching of his understanding.
INT: tired no searching his understanding

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