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hir·ḥî·qū — 2 Occurrences

Genesis 44:4
HEB: הָעִיר֮ לֹ֣א הִרְחִיקוּ֒ וְיוֹסֵ֤ף אָמַר֙
NAS: out of the city, [and] were not far off, when Joseph
KJV: of the city, [and] not [yet] far off, Joseph
INT: of the city were not far Joseph said

Judges 18:22
HEB: הֵ֥מָּה הִרְחִ֖יקוּ מִבֵּ֣ית מִיכָ֑ה
NAS: When they had gone some distance from the house
KJV: [And] when they were a good way from the house
INT: they had gone the house of Micah

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