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kin·nō·wr — 3 Occurrences

Genesis 4:21
HEB: כָּל־ תֹּפֵ֥שׂ כִּנּ֖וֹר וְעוּגָֽב׃
NAS: those who play the lyre and pipe.
KJV: of all such as handle the harp and organ.
INT: of all play the lyre and pipe

Psalm 81:2
HEB: וּתְנוּ־ תֹ֑ף כִּנּ֖וֹר נָעִ֣ים עִם־
NAS: The sweet sounding lyre with the harp.
KJV: the pleasant harp with the psaltery.
INT: strike the timbrel lyre the sweet with

Isaiah 24:8
HEB: שָׁבַ֖ת מְשׂ֥וֹשׂ כִּנּֽוֹר׃
NAS: stops, The gaiety of the harp ceases.
KJV: endeth, the joy of the harp ceaseth.
INT: ceases the gaiety of the harp

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