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le·qaḥ — 6 Occurrences

Proverbs 1:5
HEB: חָ֭כָם וְי֣וֹסֶף לֶ֑קַח וְ֝נָב֗וֹן תַּחְבֻּל֥וֹת
NAS: and increase in learning, And a man of understanding
KJV: and will increase learning; and a man of understanding
INT: A wise and increase learning of understanding wise

Proverbs 4:2
HEB: כִּ֤י לֶ֣קַח ט֭וֹב נָתַ֣תִּי
NAS: you sound teaching; Do not abandon
KJV: you good doctrine, forsake
INT: for teaching sound give

Proverbs 9:9
HEB: לְ֝צַדִּ֗יק וְי֣וֹסֶף לֶֽקַח׃ פ
NAS: and he will increase [his] learning.
KJV: [man], and he will increase in learning.
INT: A righteous will increase learning

Proverbs 16:21
HEB: שְׂ֝פָתַ֗יִם יֹסִ֥יף לֶֽקַח׃
NAS: of speech increases persuasiveness.
KJV: of the lips increaseth learning.
INT: of speech increases persuasiveness

Proverbs 16:23
HEB: שְׂ֝פָתָ֗יו יֹסִ֥יף לֶֽקַח׃
NAS: And adds persuasiveness to his lips.
KJV: and addeth learning to his lips.
INT: his lips and adds persuasiveness

Isaiah 29:24
HEB: וְרוֹגְנִ֖ים יִלְמְדוּ־ לֶֽקַח׃
NAS: will accept instruction.
KJV: shall learn doctrine.
INT: criticize will accept instruction

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