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Ezra 5:3
HEB: אָמְרִ֣ין לְהֹ֔ם מַן־ שָׂ֨ם לְכֹ֜ם
NAS: to them thus, Who issued
KJV: unto them, Who hath commanded
INT: thus and spoke Who issued A decree

Ezra 5:4
HEB: אֲמַ֣רְנָא לְּהֹ֑ם מַן־ אִנּוּן֙ שְׁמָהָ֣ת
NAS: them accordingly what the names
KJV: we unto them after this manner, What are
INT: accordingly told what are the names

Ezra 5:9
HEB: אֲמַ֣רְנָא לְּהֹ֑ם מַן־ שָׂ֨ם לְכֹ֜ם
NAS: to them thus, 'Who issued
KJV: unto them thus, Who commanded
INT: thus and said Who issued A decree

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