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mə·ḡū·ray — 2 Occurrences

Genesis 47:9
HEB: יְמֵי֙ שְׁנֵ֣י מְגוּרַ֔י שְׁלֹשִׁ֥ים וּמְאַ֖ת
NAS: The years of my sojourning are one hundred
KJV: of the years of my pilgrimage [are] an hundred
INT: the days the years of my sojourning and thirty hundred

Psalm 119:54
HEB: חֻקֶּ֗יךָ בְּבֵ֣ית מְגוּרָֽי׃
NAS: In the house of my pilgrimage.
KJV: in the house of my pilgrimage.
INT: your statutes the house of my pilgrimage

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