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mim·kā·rōw — 4 Occurrences

Leviticus 25:27
HEB: אֶת־ שְׁנֵ֣י מִמְכָּר֔וֹ וְהֵשִׁיב֙ אֶת־
NAS: the years since its sale and refund
KJV: the years of the sale thereof, and restore
INT: shall calculate the years sale and refund the balance

Leviticus 25:28
HEB: לוֹ֒ וְהָיָ֣ה מִמְכָּר֗וֹ בְּיַד֙ הַקֹּנֶ֣ה
NAS: it back for himself, then what he has sold shall remain
KJV: to restore [it] to him, then that which is sold shall remain in the hand
INT: to get shall remain what the hands purchaser

Leviticus 25:29
HEB: תֹּ֖ם שְׁנַ֣ת מִמְכָּר֑וֹ יָמִ֖ים תִּהְיֶ֥ה
NAS: year from its sale; his right of redemption
KJV: year after it is sold; [within] a full year
INT: full year sale A full lasts

Leviticus 25:50
HEB: וְהָיָ֞ה כֶּ֤סֶף מִמְכָּרוֹ֙ בְּמִסְפַּ֣ר שָׁנִ֔ים
NAS: and the price of his sale shall correspond
KJV: and the price of his sale shall be according unto the number
INT: shall correspond and the price of his sale to the number of years

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