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miq·ṣō·w·ṯām — 2 Occurrences

Judges 18:2
HEB: חֲמִשָּׁ֣ה אֲנָשִׁ֣ים מִקְצוֹתָם֩ אֲנָשִׁ֨ים בְּנֵי־
NAS: men out of their whole number, valiant
KJV: men from their coasts, men
INT: five men of their whole men the sons

2 Kings 17:32
HEB: וַיַּעֲשׂ֨וּ לָהֶ֤ם מִקְצוֹתָם֙ כֹּהֲנֵ֣י בָמ֔וֹת
NAS: and appointed from among themselves priests
KJV: and made unto themselves of the lowest of them priests
INT: and appointed from among priests of the high

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