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miṯ·nak·kê·rāh — 2 Occurrences

1 Kings 14:5
HEB: כְבֹאָ֔הּ וְהִ֖יא מִתְנַכֵּרָֽה׃
KJV: unto her: for it shall be, when she cometh in, that she shall feign herself [to be] another [woman].
INT: arrives herself another

1 Kings 14:6
HEB: זֶּ֗ה אַ֚תְּ מִתְנַכֵּרָ֔ה וְאָ֣נֹכִ֔י שָׁל֥וּחַ
KJV: of Jeroboam; why feignest thou thyself [to be] another? for I [am] sent
INT: he you another I sent

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