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ṭa·‘am — 4 Occurrences

Job 6:6
HEB: אִם־ יֶשׁ־ טַ֝֗עַם בְּרִ֣יר חַלָּמֽוּת׃
NAS: is there any taste in the white of an egg?
KJV: or is there [any] taste in the white
INT: Or is there taste the white the white

Psalm 119:66
HEB: ט֤וּב טַ֣עַם וָדַ֣עַת לַמְּדֵ֑נִי
NAS: me good discernment and knowledge,
KJV: me good judgment and knowledge:
INT: good discernment and knowledge Teach

Proverbs 11:22
HEB: יָ֝פָ֗ה וְסָ֣רַת טָֽעַם׃
NAS: woman who lacks discretion.
KJV: woman which is without discretion.
INT: a beautiful lacks discretion

Proverbs 26:16
HEB: מִ֝שִּׁבְעָ֗ה מְשִׁ֣יבֵי טָֽעַם׃
NAS: men who can give a discreet answer.
KJV: that can render a reason.
INT: seven give A discreet

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