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ṭə·mê·’aṯ — 2 Occurrences

Ezekiel 22:5
HEB: יִתְקַלְּסוּ־ בָ֑ךְ טְמֵאַ֣ת הַשֵּׁ֔ם רַבַּ֖ת
NAS: from you will mock you, you of ill repute,
INT: at will mock of ill repute full

Ezekiel 22:10
HEB: גִּלָּה־ בָ֑ךְ טְמֵאַ֥ת הַנִּדָּ֖ה עִנּוּ־
NAS: in you they have humbled her who was unclean in her menstrual impurity.
KJV: her that was set apart for pollution.
INT: fathers' have uncovered her who her menstrual have humbled

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