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wā·‘ō·šer — 2 Occurrences

Psalm 112:3
HEB: הוֹן־ וָעֹ֥שֶׁר בְּבֵית֑וֹ וְ֝צִדְקָת֗וֹ
NAS: Wealth and riches are in his house,
KJV: Wealth and riches [shall be] in his house:
INT: Wealth and riches his house and his righteousness

Proverbs 30:8
HEB: מִמֶּ֗נִּי רֵ֣אשׁ וָ֭עֹשֶׁר אַל־ תִּֽתֶּן־
NAS: nor riches; Feed
KJV: me neither poverty nor riches; feed
INT: at poverty riches neither Give

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