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wə·ḥā·zāq — 2 Occurrences

1 Kings 19:11
HEB: וְר֣וּחַ גְּדוֹלָ֡ה וְחָזָ֞ק מְפָרֵק֩ הָרִ֨ים
NAS: by! And a great and strong wind
KJV: and a great and strong wind
INT: wind great and strong was rending the mountains

Amos 2:14
HEB: מָנוֹס֙ מִקָּ֔ל וְחָזָ֖ק לֹא־ יְאַמֵּ֣ץ
NAS: from the swift, And the stalwart will not strengthen
KJV: from the swift, and the strong shall not strengthen
INT: Flight the swift and the stalwart Nor strengthen

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