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wə·hay·ṯîw — 2 Occurrences

Daniel 6:16
HEB: מַלְכָּ֣א אֲמַ֗ר וְהַיְתִיו֙ לְדָ֣נִיֵּ֔אל וּרְמ֕וֹ
NAS: and Daniel was brought in and cast
KJV: commanded, and they brought Daniel,
INT: the king gave was brought and Daniel and cast

Daniel 6:24
HEB: וַאֲמַ֣ר מַלְכָּ֗א וְהַיְתִ֞יו גֻּבְרַיָּ֤א אִלֵּךְ֙
NAS: then gave orders, and they brought those
KJV: commanded, and they brought those
INT: gave the king brought men those

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