1 Chronicles 17
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1And it was that when David dwelt in his house, and David said to Nathan the Prophet: “See that I dwell in a house that is covered with planks of cedar, and the Ark of LORD JEHOVAH resides within a tent of hair!” 2And Nathan said to David: “Everything that is in your heart, go and do, because LORD JEHOVAH is with you.”

3And it was in that night and the word of LORD JEHOVAH was upon Nathan the Prophet, and he said to him: 4“Go and say thus to my Servant David: thus says LORD JEHOVAH, you shall not build for me a house to dwell in it. 5For I have not dwelt in a house from the day that I brought Israel up from the land of Egypt and until today, and I have been moving from tent to tent. 6Behold, as long as I have been walking among all the children of Israel, have I said a word to one of the Judges of the children of Israel whom I have commanded to judge my people Israel, and have I said to them: ‘Why have you not built a house for me that is covered in cedar?’ 7Also now thus you shall say to my Servant David: thus says LORD JEHOVAH of Hosts: I have taken you from pastures from behind sheep to be King over Israel my people. 8And I have been with you in all things wherever you have gone, and I have destroyed all your enemies from before your presence, and I have made you a great name like the name of the Rulers that are in the earth. 9And I shall plant a place for my people Israel, and I shall set it and it shall dwell in its place and will not be moved again, and the sons of The Evil One will not again carry it away captive as at the first. 10From the day that I made you Judge over my people Israel, and I have given you rest from all your enemies, and LORD JEHOVAH has shown you that the Kingdom is established for you until eternity 11And when the days of your life shall be fulfilled, and you shall go and you shall be gathered to your fathers, I shall establish your seed after you that proceeds from your loins, and I shall establish him with his kingdom. 12And he will build up a house for my name, and I shall establish the throne of his kingdom for eternity. 13I shall be to him for a father, and he shall be to me for a son, and my graces will not pass away from his presence, as that which I removed from Shaul who was before you. 14And I shall make him Ruler in my house and in my kingdom for the eternity of eternities, and the throne of his kingdom shall be prepared for him unto eternity.” 15Concerning all these words and concerning all this vision, thus spoke Nathan the Prophet with David.

16And King David came and sat down before LORD JEHOVAH and said: “What am I considered before you, LORD of LORDS, and what is my house that you brought me here? 17And this is a small thing in your eyes, LORD Almighty, for you have spoken about the house of your Servant from before us, and all the children of men who do your worship with all their heart you bring forth from darkness to light, LORD of LORDS! 18And what more will David your Servant boast to speak before you? The works of your Servant are open to you, LORD OF LORDS! 19Because you know what is in the heart of your Servant, you have done for him all these great things to make known to your Servant. 20Because this I have known, LORD of LORDS, that there is none like you, and there is no God but only you, according to everything that we have heard with our ears. 21And who is there like your people Israel, one people in the earth, for you were revealed from Heaven and you have saved them! And because of them you have performed great temptation and awesome and great affliction against the Egyptians, until you brought them out from among them. 22And you prepared for yourself your people Israel to be for you a people until the eternity of eternities, and you, LORD JEHOVAH, have been to them God.

23Therefore, LORD JEHOVAH, the word that you spoke concerning your Servant and concerning the children of his house endures to eternity, and do just as you said. 24And your Servants will be confirmed for eternity, and your name shall be glorified within the world, and they shall be saying: “LORD JEHOVAH of Hosts, THE LORD of LORDS, God of Israel!” And the house of David your Servant shall be prepared before you for eternity! 25Because you, my God, have revealed the secret to your servant, and you have said to him: ‘Build a house for yourself.’ Because of this, your Servant has set in his heart to pray before you this prayer. 26Therefore, LORD JEHOVAH, you are my God, and all your words are truth! Those that you have spoken to your Servant are good! 27And from now on be revealed to bless the household of your Servant that it will be before you for the eternity of eternities, because you are LORD JEHOVAH, THE LORD of LORDS! You have spoken, and from your blessing the households of the righteous ones are blessed to eternity!”

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