1 Chronicles 16
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1And they brought the Ark of LORD JEHOVAH and they placed it in its place inside the Tabernacle that David had pitched for it, and they offered sacrifices and peace offerings before the Ark of LORD JEHOVAH. 2And when David had finished bringing sacrifices and peace offerings before the Ark of LORD JEHOVAH, he blessed the people of Israel in the Name of LORD JEHOVAH of Hosts. 3And he distributed to all the people, all of the house of Israel, from the men and unto the women, and from young men and unto those suckling the breasts, to every man one loaf of bread and one portion, and one fine white loaf, and all the people went, each man to his house.

4And he gave before the Levites who serve before LORD JEHOVAH, also they commemorate and give thanks and glorify LORD JEHOVAH God of Israel. 5Asaph, their Chief, the second Zechariah, and Yuayel, and Yukhyayel, and Matitha, and Eliab, and Benaya, and Asaph, and Aminadab, and Asaph, and Nakhzayel and Asaph. 6These all are the Priests who sound with horns constantly before the Ark of LORD JEHOVAH.

7Then David opened his mouth on that day, he and the Chiefs of all the Priests and the Levites, to praise LORD JEHOVAH for the community of Asaph and of his brothers, and these are the headings of the songs that David spoke before the ark of LORD JEHOVAH on that day.

8“Give thanks to LORD JEHOVAH and call his name! Make known among the nations his works!

9Praise him and give thanks to him! Relate all his exploits!

10Glory in the name of his holiness! The heart of all who seek LORD JEHOVAH shall rejoice!

11Seek LORD JEHOVAH and his strength! Pray before him constantly.

12Remember his miracles that he did! His miracles and the judgments of his mouth!

13The seed of Abraham, his Servant, and the sons of Yaqob, the chosen ones which he chose.

14He is LORD JEHOVAH our God, whose laws are in all the Earth.

15Remember his covenant for eternity, the word that he commanded to a thousand generations

16That he swore to Abraham, and the covenant he gave to the children of Isaac, and he circumcised Yaqob for eternity

17And to Israel he gave the covenant for the eternity of eternities.

18And he said to them: ‘To you I give the land of Canaan, the lot of your inheritance.

19When you were men of small numbers and dwellers in it.

20And you were taken captive from nation to nation, and from kingdom to another kingdom.’

21He did not allow the Rulers to harm you, and he instructed Kings for your sakes.

22And he said to them: ‘You shall not touch my Anointed Ones, and to my Prophets you shall not do evil.’

23Praise LORD JEHOVAH, all the Earth! Hope every day in the day of his redemption!

24Relate among the nations his honor.

25Because LORD JEHOVAH is great and greatly praised, and he is revered above all Kings.

26Because all the idols of the nations are images, and LORD JEHOVAH made the Heavens!

27And glory and beauty are before him, strength and majesty in his holy place!

28Give thanks to LORD JEHOVAH, generations of the Gentiles! Give thanks before LORD JEHOVAH in his honor and in his strength.

29Give thanks to LORD JEHOVAH! In honor of his name bring offerings, and give thanks before him in the prayers of your mouths, and worship LORD JEHOVAH with songs of his holiness!

30And all the Earth will tremble before him, and the world will be established that it will not be moved!

31The Heavens will rejoice and the Earth will sing, and they will say among the nations: ‘LORD JEHOVAH reigns!’

32The sea will sing in its fullness, and the fields will rejoice, and all that is in them!

33Then the trees of the forest shall sing before LORD JEHOVAH, who comes to judge the Earth! He shall judge the world by justice, and he shall rebuke the nations in faithfulness.

34And say: ”Give thanks to LORD JEHOVAH, because he is good, and his grace is to eternity!”

35Save us, LORD JEHOVAH! Save us and gather us and bring us from among the nations to thank the name of your holiness and to glory in your praises!

36Blessed is THE LORD of LORDS of Israel from eternity and unto eternity! And all the people shall say, Amen! With a mouth sweet and pure they shall praise their God!”

37And he left Asaph and his brothers there before the Ark of the Covenant of LORD JEHOVAH to serve before LORD JEHOVAH constantly, each man on his day. 38And UbarAdum and his brothers, sixty and eight, and UbarAdum, the younger son of Yutham, and Khasu, these all are the Guards of the outer gates. 39Tsaduq the Priest and his brothers the Priests, these all are Priests who serve in great gladness before the tent of LORD JEHOVAH, which is in the town of Gebun. 40To bring sacrifices to LORD JEHOVAH on the altar of burnt offering constantly at dawn and in the evening, and to do everything it is written in the law of LORD JEHOVAH, which he gave by the hand of Moshe, to teach the sons of Israel. 41And these are the names of the men who stand with hymns of praise: Haman and Arithun and the rest of the righteous men, those whose names were hidden, to thank LORD JEHOVAH, because his grace is to eternity. 42And those righteous men were not glorifying with instruments of music, neither with tambourines, neither with timbrels, neither with curved horns, neither with straight ones, neither with cymbals were they glorifying, but with a sweet mouth and by pure and perfect prayer, and in righteousness and in perfection to LORD JEHOVAH, God Almighty, THE LORD of Israel, THE LORD of all works.

43And David dismissed the people, and the people went, each man to his house, and David returned to his house to bless the children of his household.

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