2 Samuel 13
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1And after this, there was a sister to Abishlum, son of David, and her name was Tamar and Khamnun, son of David, loved her 2And she was indignant with Khamnun because the person of Tamar his sister was a virgin and Khamnun was unable to say anything to her 3And Khamnun had a friend and his name was Yonadab, son of Shema, the brother of David, and Yonadab was a very wise man 4He said to Khamnun, son of the King: “Why do you go thus from dawn to dawn? Will you not tell me? Khamnun said to him: “I love Tamar the sister of Abishlum my brother” 5Yonadab said to him: “Lie on your bed and be sick, and when your father comes to see you, say to him: “‘Let Tamar my sister come; let her feed me bread and she will make hearts for me that I may see and I may eat from her hands’ 6And Khamnun lay down and he became ill and the King came to see him Khamnun said to the King: “Let Tamar my sister come to me and she will make two hearts before my eyes and I shall eat from her hands”

7And David sent Tamar and said to her: ”Go to Khamnun your brother and make food for him” 8And Tamar went to the house of Khamnun her brother and he was lying down, and she took kneaded dough and she made hearts 9And she took the hearts and she set them before him and he chose not to eat. Khamnun said: “All men, go out from my presence!” And all the men went out from his presence 10Khamnun said to Tamar: “Bring the food to me to the bedroom and I will eat from your hands.” And Tamar took the hearts that she had made, and she brought them to Khamnun her brother to the bedroom 11And she brought them to him to eat and he held her and said to her: “Come lie with me my sister!” 12She said to him, “No, my brother! You shall not dishonor me! No! And that shall not be done so in Israel!” 13Where shall I bear my reproach and you will be considered as but one of the fools in Israel! Now speak to the King and he will not withhold me from you!” 14And he was unwilling to hear her and he held her and he forced her and had sexual intercourse with her and disgraced her

15And Khamnun hated her with a great hatred and the hatred with which he hated her was greater than the love with which he loved her. Khamnun said to her: “Get up! Go!” 16She said to him: “Now that you have done this evil to me, you send me away?!” And he would not hear her 17And he called his boy Servant and said to him: “Cast this one out from my presence outside and lock the door in her face!” Averse 18is not found or numbered in Codex Ambrosianus or in Lee’s edition of the Peshitta. 19And Tamar took ashes and she cast them on her head, and she ripped the embroidered coat that she was wearing, and she put her hands on her head and she wailed and she left

20Abishlum, the brother of Khamnun, said to her: “Your brother has lain with you. Now my sister, quiet yourself. He is your brother. Do not let this deed overcome your heart.” And Tamar dwelt and was stupified in the house of Abishlum her brother 21And David the King heard all these words, and it was very evil to him 22And Abishlum did not speak good or evil to Khamnun, for Abishlum hated Khamnun, because he had disgraced Tamar his sister

23And from time to time Abishlum had Shearers in Baal Khatsur which is with Aphrim, and Abishlum invited all the sons of the King

24And Abishlum came to the King and said to him: “Your Servant has Shearers. Let the King and his Servants go with your Servant” 25He said to him: “No, my son, we will not all come, lest we will have a chilling effect on you.” And he urged him, and he was unwilling to go with him, and he blessed him 26Abishlum said to him: “And how would Khamnun my brother not come with me?” The King said to him, “Why does he go with you?” 27And Abishlum urged him, and he sent Khamnun with him and all the sons of the King

28And Abishlum commanded his Servants and he said to them: “When the heart of Khamnun is merry with wine and I say to you, ‘Strike Khamnun and kill him, you shall not be afraid! It is I who has commanded you! Be strong and be men!” 29And the Servants of Abishlum did just as Abishlum commanded them, and all the sons of the King arose, and they mounted each man on his mule and they fled

30And while they were on the road, a report came to David that Abishlum had murdered all the sons of the King, and that he had not left a man of them 31And the King arose and he ripped his clothes and he sat on the ground, and all his Servants arose when they ripped their clothes 32And Yunadab, son of Shema, the brother of David, answered and he said to him: “Let not my Lord the King think that all the sons of the King are dead, because Khamnun alone is dead, for it had been determined in the mind of Abishlum from the day that he had disgraced Tamar his sister 33And also, behold, let not my Lord the King think that all the sons of the King are dead, for Khamnun alone is dead!”

34And Abishlum fled and the Watchman lifted up his eyes and saw many men who came on the road from the side of the mountain 35Yunadab said to the King: “Behold, the sons of the King are coming, just as your Servant said, so it is!” 36And when he finished speaking, the sons of the King came and they lifted up their voices and they wept, and also the King and all his Servants wept with great weeping

37And Abishlum had fled and had gone to Tulmai son of Amihud, the King of Geshur, and David sat in mourning over his son many days 38And Abishlum fled and he went to Geshur and he was there three years 39And King David was moved with regret to go after Abishlum, because he was comforted over Khamnun who had died

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