2 Samuel 4
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1And Ashbashul, son of Shaul, heard that Abnir was dead in Khebruun, and their hands were paralyzed, and all Israel were troubled 2And two men, Captains of the raiders, were with the son of Shaul; the name of one, Bena, and the name of the other, Rakab, sons of Ramuun who were from the Bruthites of the sons of Benyamin, because Bruthi also fought with the sons of Benyamin 3And the Bruthites fled to Gethim and have been dwellers there until today

4And Yonathan son of Shaul had a son and he was lame in his legs, and he was a son of five years when the news of Shaul and of Yonathan had come from Yizrael, and his Nurse took him and she fled, and as she ran to escape, he fell, and became lame, and his name was Maphibshath

5And the sons of Ramun the Bruthite, Rakab and Baana his brother went, and they came to the house of Ashbashul when the day was hot, and he was lying down, sleeping at noon 6And behold, they came inside the house and the sons of sin, Rakab and Baana his brother, took and struck him on his fifth rib and they escaped 7And they had come to the house and he was asleep on his bed in the bedroom where he slept, and they struck him and killed him and took his head, and they went on the road of Arabah all night 8And they brought the head of Ashbashul to Khebrun to David, and they said to King David: “Behold, the head of Ashbashul, son of Shaul, your enemy, and he sought for your life, and LORD JEHOVAH has given to our Lord the King vengeance today of Shaul and of his seed!”

9And David answered Rakab and Baana his brother, the sons of Ramun the Bruthite, and said: “LORD JEHOVAH lives who saved my life from all adversity! 10But he who showed me and said to me, ‘Behold, Shaul is dead!’ and was like an Evangelist to my ears, but I took him and I killed him in Tsenqlag instead of giving reward to him for the good news! 11And also wicked men killed a man in his house on his bed. Behold, I shall avenge his blood from your hands and I shall destroy you from the Earth!” 12And David sent for the young men and they killed them and they cut off their hands and their feet, and they hanged on the Hill in Khebruun, and they took the head of Ashbashul and they buried it in the tomb of Abnir in Khebruun

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