Deuteronomy 19
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1"And when LORD JEHOVAH your God destroys the nations whose land LORD JEHOVAH your God gave to you, and you will possess them and you will dwell in their towns and in their houses; 2Set aside three towns for yourselves within your land that LORD JEHOVAH your God gives to you as an inheritance. 3Prepare a road and divide the borders of the land into three, that LORD JEHOVAH your God causes you to inherit, that any killer may be escaping there.

4And this is the right of the killer who killed his neighbor, who lives after he killed his neighbor without it being in his choice, and he had not hated him from yesterday or from the day before yesterday; 5And he who will enter the woods with his companion to cut trees and will raise his hand with an axe to cut wood and the iron will slip off from the wood and it will strike his companion and he will die, this one shall escape into one of these towns and he will live: 6Lest the avenger of blood will chase after the killer in the heat of his heart and he apprehends him when the road will be long and he will kill him when he did not owe a sentence of death, for he had not hated him from yesterday or from the day before yesterday. 7Because of this, I command you and I say to you that you shall set apart three towns for yourselves.

8And when LORD JEHOVAH your God will expand your border as He swore to your fathers and he will give you all the land that He swore to your fathers; 9If you keep all of these commandments and you will do those that I command you today, that you shall love LORD JEHOVAH your God and you shall walk in his ways all of the days, you shall add to yourselves three towns upon these three again: 10That you would not shed innocent blood within your land that LORD JEHOVAH your God gives to you, and blood would be accounted upon you.

11And if there shall be a man hating his neighbor and he will ambush him and rise up upon him and will strike him and he will die, and he will flee into one of these towns: 12The Elders of his town shall send and they shall take him from there and deliver him into the hand of the avenger of blood and they shall kill him. 13And your eye shall not have pity upon him, so that you kill him and find justice for the innocent blood of Israel, and it will be good for you.

14Do not remove the border from when they first marked out your inheritance that you inherited in the land that LORD JEHOVAH your God gives you to inherit.

15One witness shall not stand up against a man for any offense or for any sin in any sin that one will sin; by the mouth of two witnesses or by the mouth of three witnesses a word will be established. 16And if a false witness shall arise against a man and will testify evil against him; 17Both men who have a legal case will stand before LORD JEHOVAH and before the Priests and the Judges there will be in those days; 18And the Judges shall search well and they shall see if he was seeking to testify a false testimony against his brother; 19Do to him as he plotted to do to his brother and uproot evil from among you. 20And those who remain shall hear and shall be afraid and will not commit such an evil thing among you again. 21Your eye shall not have pity, but a life in exchange for life, an eye in exchange for an eye, a tooth in exchange for a tooth, a hand in exchange for a hand, a foot in exchange for a foot.”

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Translated by Glenn David Bauscher
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