Exodus 15
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1Then Moshe and the children of Israel sang this song to LORD JEHOVAH and they said: “We will praise glorious LORD JEHOVAH Who exulted over the horses, and their riders he cast into the sea.

2The Mighty One and the Glorious YAH, LORD JEHOVAH, and he is to us the Savior; this is my God, I shall glorify him, the God of my fathers, I shall exalt him.

3LORD JEHOVAH, the Mighty Man and the Warrior; LORD JEHOVAH is his name.

4The chariots of Pharaoh and his army he cast into the sea and he drowned the chosen of his mighty men in The Sea of Reeds.

5The depths covered them; they went down to the depth and they sank like a stone.

6Your right hand, LORD JEHOVAH, is glorious in power; your right hand, LORD JEHOVAH, has broken your enemies.

7And in the abundance of your strength you have pulled down those hating you; you have sent your wrath and it consumed them like trash.

8By the Breath of your nostrils the waters stood up in a heap; they stood up as if they were flowing in water skins; the depths assembled in the heart of the sea.

9The enemy said, “I shall pursue and I shall overtake; I shall divide the loot; my soul will devour them; I shall draw my sword and my hand will destroy them.”

10Your wind blew and the sea covered them; they sank like lead in the mighty waters.

11Who is like you LORD JEHOVAH? Who is like you, glorious in his holiness, fearsome and glorious and doing wonders?

12You have lifted your right hand and the Earth swallowed them.

13You led in your kindness this people which you have saved; you have led them by your power to the fold of your holiness.

14The nations heard and they shook, and fear has seized the dwellers of Philistia.

15Then the Princes of Adum were afraid, and trembling seized the men of Moab; all the inhabitants of Canaan broke down.

16Fear and shaking will fall upon them by the greatness of your arm; they will sink like a stone until your people will pass through, LORD JEHOVAH, until this people which you have saved will pass through.

17You will bring them forth and you will plant them in the mountain of your inheritance, fashioned for your dwelling. You have made, LORD JEHOVAH, your holy place; LORD JEHOVAH, you have fashioned it with your hands.

18LORD JEHOVAH will reign to the eternity of eternities.

19Because the horses of Pharaoh and his chariots and his horsemen went into the sea and LORD JEHOVAH returned the waters of the sea upon them and the children of Israel walked on dry land within the sea.

20And Maryam the Prophetess, the sister of Ahron, took tambourines in her hand and all the women went out after her with tambourines and with timbrels.

21And Maryam was answering them: “Sing to glorious LORD JEHOVAH Who exulted over the horses, and their riders he cast into the sea.”

22And Moshe moved them of the house of Israel from The Sea of Reeds and they went out to the wilderness of Shood, and they came three days’ journey in the wilderness and they did not find water. 23And they came to Murath and they did not find drinking waters from Murath because they were bitter; because of this, he called the name of that country Murath. 24And the people were enraged against Moshe and they were saying to him, “What will we drink?” 25And Moshe prayed before LORD JEHOVAH, and LORD JEHOVAH showed him wood and he cast it into the water and the waters became sweet there. He taught him the Law and judgment and there he tested him, 26And he said to him, “If you will listen to hear the voice of LORD JEHOVAH your God and you will do what is good before Him, and you will obey his commandments and you will keep all of his statutes, I shall bring none of the plagues that I brought on the Egyptians upon you, because I AM LORD JEHOVAH your healer.”

27And they came to Alim and there were twelve fountains of waters there and seventy palm trees, and they camped there at the waters.

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Translated by Glenn David Bauscher
Glenn David Bauscher
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