Habakkuk 3
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1His prayer of Khabaquq the Prophet

2LORD JEHOVAH, I have heard your name and I was afraid! LORD JEHOVAH, your works are within the years of life; within the years you will be known; in anger remember your love!

3God came from the south wind, and the Holy One from the Mountain of Paran! The Heavens were covered from his brightness of glory, and the Earth was filled with his glory!

4And his brightness shall be as the light; in the city of his hands he shall establish his strength in the region

5Before him went death and a bird of prey went out at his feet

6He arose and he measured the land; he gazed and the nations were false; the mountains were scattered that were from eternity, and the hills that are from eternities were laid low; his are the goings that were from eternity!

7I have seen the tents of Cushan under sorrow; the tents of the land of Midian will quake!

8LORD JEHOVAH raged upon the rivers! Your wrath was in the rivers and your vehemence in the sea. You rode on your horses and upon the chariot of your salvation!

9Your bow will wake up to awake and the arrows will be filled with your glorious Word, and you ploughed the Earth with rivers!

10The mountains saw you and they shook, and a downpour of waters passed through, and the deep up lifted its voice and lifted its hands up high!

11The sun and the moon stood still in their dwellings, and in the light of your arrows they walk and in the shining of the lightning of your spears!

12In your anger you shall tread upon the Earth, and in passion you shall tread the nations!

13You went out to save your people and to save your Anointed One. You cut off the head of the house of the Evil One, and you stripped him from his foundation and unto his neck for the eternities!

14You shattered with his staves the heads of his Authorities who trusted in their savagery, because they would devour the poor in a secret place

15You trod in the Sea on your horses and a multitude of many waters

16I heard and my gut was shaken against the speech of my lips, because of the trembling in my bones, and my knees shook because he searched me and he showed me the day of trouble that comes upon the people

17Because the fig tree did not bear fruit and there are no leaves in the vine, the fruit of olives failed and the threshing floors made no produce, the sheep from the flock are cut off and there are no bulls in the herds

18But I shall exult in LORD JEHOVAH, and I shall be glad in God my Savior!

19The Lord of Lords is my power, who made my feet like those of a hart, and he has set me upon my high places that I shall sing his praises!

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Translated by Glenn David Bauscher
Glenn David Bauscher
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