Haggai 2
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1And in the seventh month, on the twenty first day, the response of LORD JEHOVAH came by Khaggi the Prophet saying: 2”Say to Zorbabel, son of Salathiel, Ruler of Judea, and to Yeshua, son of Yozedeq, the High Priest, and all the remnant of the people 3Who is left among you who saw this house in its first glory? And how do you see it now? Is it not considered as nothing in your eyes? 4Therefore, be strong, Zorobabel, says LORD JEHOVAH, and be strong, Yeshua, son of Yozedeq, High Priest, and be strengthened, all people of the land, says LORD JEHOVAH, and work because I am with you, says LORD JEHOVAH of Hosts! 5The word that I covenanted with you when you went out from Egypt my Spirit remains in your midst! You shall not be afraid! 6Because thus says LORD JEHOVAH of Hosts: ‘again one time I shake Heaven and Earth and the sea and the dry land 7And I shall shake all the nations and they shall bring the precious things of all the nations, and I shall fill this house with glory, says LORD JEHOVAH of Hosts! 8Mine is the silver and mine is the gold, says LORD JEHOVAH of Hosts 9And the glory of this last house will be greater than the first, says LORD JEHOVAH of Hosts, and in this place I shall give my peace, says LORD JEHOVAH of Hosts

10And in the twenty fourth day of the ninth month, in year two of Darius was the response of LORD JEHOVAH, by Khaggi the Prophet, saying 11Thus says LORD JEHOVAH: ask concerning the Law from the Priests 12If a man carries meat of holiness in the skirt of his cloak and it touches in his skirt bread or stew or wine or drink or any food, is it able to be made holy? The Priests answered and they were saying ”No.” 13Khaggi said: ”If he who has defiled himself touched all these things, is he not defiled? the Priests answered and they said to him: “He is defiled” 14Khaggi answered and said: “So is this people and so is this generation before me, says LORD JEHOVAH, and thus are all the works of their hands and anything that they bring there is defiled 15Therefore establish your hearts from this day and beyond before a stone is laid on a stone in the temple of LORD JEHOVAH 16When you were entering for a heap of twenty and it was ten, and were you entering to the winepress of fifty and they had twenty 17I struck you with blight and with jaundice and with hail for all the works of your hands, and you were not turned to me, says LORD JEHOVAH 18Therefore subdue your hearts from this day and beyond, from the twenty fourth day in the ninth month, from the day when the foundation of the temple of LORD JEHOVAH of Hosts to be built was laid; lay down your hearts 19There is no seed at the threshing floor, and the vine and the fig tree and pomegranates and the trees of olives have not been bearing, and from today I bless them says, LORD JEHOVAH”

20And the word of LORD JEHOVAH was upon Khaggi the second time, on the fourth and twentieth of the month saying: 21”Say to Zorbabel, Ruler of Judea: I shall shake Heaven and Earth 22And I shall overturn the throne of the kingdoms and I shall destroy the strength of the kingdoms of the nations and I shall overturn the chariots on their riders and the horses and their riders shall fall, each man by the sword of his brother 23In that day, says LORD JEHOVAH of Hosts, I shall take you, Zorobabel, son of Salathiel my Servant, says LORD JEHOVAH: I shall set you as a seal, because I have chosen you, says LORD JEHOVAH of Hosts.

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