Isaiah 22
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1The burden of the valley of vision: “What is for you here that all of you went up to the rooftops?

2Trouble has filled the city! Noise has filled the mighty city! Your slain have not been slain by the sword, neither died of war

3All your rulers broke away as one from the archers. They who were left with you were bound; they were bound as one and they fled afar off

4Because of this, I said, “Leave me! I shall be bitter with weeping. Do not be urgent to comfort me about the ruin of the daughter of my people

5Because of the day of trouble and of treading down and the of weeping of LORD JEHOVAH God of Hosts in the valley of vision! He examined the walls and he cried out on the mountains

6And Ilam carried a quiver with the riders of horsemen and the wall revealed the shields

7And your chosen valleys shall be filled with chariots, and horsemen shall be arrayed at the gates

8And Yehuda shall lay open the ranks and you shall see a supply of arms within the forest in that day

9And you have seen the many breaches of the city of David and you have collected the waters of the lower pool

10And you have filled the houses of Jerusalem and you have broken down houses that you may fortify the wall

11And you have made reservoirs within the wall for the water of the old pool and you have not looked to its Maker, and you have not seen its Founder from a distance

12And LORD JEHOVAH, God of Hosts, called in that day to weeping and to mourning and to tearing out hair and to putting on of sackcloth

13And behold, a banquet and joy, the slaughter of oxen and the slaughter of sheep, food of meat and drinking of wine! We will eat and drink because tomorrow we shall die!”

14LORD JEHOVAH of Hosts revealed this in my ears and he said: “You shall not take away this sin for yourselves until you will die, says LORD JEHOVAH, God of Hosts!”

15Thus says LORD JEHOVAH of Hosts: ‘Go to this agent, Shebna the Steward, and say to him:

16‘What are you doing here, and what do you have here, that you have cut out a tomb for yourself here? He cuts out his grave in a high place, also he fashions his dwelling in stone

17Behold, LORD JEHOVAH is throwing you out, oh man, and forgets you!

18He shall afflict you in the siege according to the affliction of a company of soldiers in the land, an open space of the hands. There you shall die, and there the chariots of your glory are the disgrace of the house of your Master!

19And I shall overthrow you from your honor and I shall cast you down from your station

20And it shall be in that day, says LORD JEHOVAH, I shall call my Servant Eliakim son of Khelqia

21And I shall clothe him in your coat and in your girdle I shall gird him, and your authority I shall give into his hands, and he shall be the father to the inhabitants of Jerusalem and to the men of the house of Yehuda

22And he shall set the key of the house of David on his shoulder, and he shall open and there is none who will shut, and he shall shut and there is none who will open

23And I shall fasten him a stake in a trustworthy place, and he shall be the throne of glory for the house of his father

24And they shall hang upon it all the honor of the house of his venerable and glorious father, and every little instrument, from the instrument of singing and unto the instrument of the harp ” 25In that day, says LORD JEHOVAH of Hosts, the stake that we shall strengthen in the trustworthy place shall be uprooted, and it shall be thrown down, and it shall fall, and the burden that is placed upon it shall be destroyed, for LORD JEHOVAH has spoken

The Peshitta Holy Bible Translated
Translated by Glenn David Bauscher
Glenn David Bauscher
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