Jeremiah 49
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1Concerning the children of Amon, thus says LORD JEHOVAH: “Has Israel no children, or has he no heir? Why does Malkom inherit Gad and his people dwell in its cities?”

2Because of this, behold, days are coming, says LORD JEHOVAH, and I shall make heard against Rabbath of the children of Amon a sound of war, and there shall be a desolate mound, and its villages on fire shall burn up, and Israel shall inherit his heirs, says LORD JEHOVAH

3You shall howl, Kheshbon, because Ai is defeated! Call for help, villages of Rabbath! Put on sackcloth! Mourn and rage among each other, because Malkom shall go into captivity, and his Priests and his Princes as one, says LORD JEHOVAH

4Why do you glory in your valleys and you trust on your broad valleys, beloved daughter who trusts on her treasures, and says: “Who will come against me?”

5Behold, I bring upon you terror from all of them around you, says LORD JEHOVAH of Hosts, and I shall scatter them, each man to his place, and there is none who gathers the scattered

6And after that I will return the captivity of the children Amon, says LORD JEHOVAH

7Concerning Edum, thus says LORD JEHOVAH of Hosts: “There is no more wisdom in Timan. Counsel has perished from the understanding ones. Their wisdom has been taken away

8Flee and turn and go down deep to dwell, inhabitants of Deran! Because the defeat of Esau, I shall bring upon him the time of his sentence, says LORD JEHOVAH!

9If grape gatherers came upon you, would they not leave a gleaning, and if thieves in the night destroyed what they wanted?

10For I searched out Esau and I uncovered his shelters, and he was hidden and he was not found, and his seed is scattered, and his brothers and his neighbors, and they are no more!

11Leave your fatherless children; I shall save them, and your widows shall trust on me

12For thus says LORD JEHOVAH: “Behold, it was not right for them to drink the cup they have drunk, and you have thought that you are righteous. You are not righteous, but you shall also drink the cup 13Because by myself I have sworn, says LORD JEHOVAH: “Butsar will be for astonishment and for desolation and for reproach and for a curse, and all his cities shall be for desolation to eternity”

14A rumor I have heard from before LORD JEHOVAH, and a Messenger to the nations was sent: “Arise, we shall go up against it for battle!”

15Because, behold, I have given you as a little one among the Gentiles, and despised among the children of man

16Your evil and the pride of your heart has deceived you who dwell on the cliffs of stone and hold on the high place of the hills. And he said in his heart, “Who will bring me down to the ground?” If among the stars you put your nest, and if you exalt your nest as the eagle, from there I shall bring you down, says LORD JEHOVAH

17And Edum shall be a wilderness, and everyone who passes by over it shall be astonished and shall hiss at all her plagues 18And she shall be overthrown as God overthrew Sadom and Amora, says LORD JEHOVAH. A man shall not dwell there, and a son of man shall not settle there 19Behold, as a lion ascends from the strong current of the Jordan to the sheepfold of Athan, also I shall quickly chase them from her, and I shall command young men against her. For who is like me, or who will testify against me, or who is the Shepherd who shall stand before me?

20Because of this, hear the thoughts of LORD JEHOVAH which he counseled against Edum, and the plan that was planned against the dwellers of Tayman, for they repressed the defective ones of the sheep, and they shall empty their folds 21From the sound of their fall the Earth shook. Her howling was heard her voice from The Sea of Reeds 22Behold, as an eagle ascends and he soars and will spread his wings over Butsar, also the heart of the mighty men of Edum shall be like of heart of a wife that is in labor to give birth in that day

23Concerning Darmsuq: Khamath and Raphad are ashamed, because they heard an evil report and they are broken by the Sea. She feared it and she did not find rest

24Darmsuq is weakened and she turned to flee, and trembling seized her, and griefs and pains seized her like a woman in labor

25How is the city of glory, the city of joy, not forsaken?

26Because of this, her young men will fall in her streets and all her mighty warriors shall be silenced in that day, says LORD JEHOVAH of Hosts

27I shall set fire in the streets of Darmsuq, and it will devour the palaces of BarHadad

28About Qedar and about the Kingdom of Khatsur whom Nebukadnetsar King of Babel killed: ‘Thus says LORD JEHOVAH: ‘Arise, come up against Qedar and plunder the children of the East

29Their tents and their flocks they shall take away, and their coverings and all their garments and their camels they shall take away, and instigators shall shout against them from their surroundings

30Flee and turn away, and go deep to dwell, inhabitants of Khatsur, says LORD JEHOVAH, because Nebukadnetsar King of Babel counseled against them and made plans against them and said:

31“Arise, come up against the rich people who dwell in quietness”, says LORD JEHOVAH, “That have no gates and no bars, and dwell by themselves

32And their camels shall be for plunder and the abundance of their cattle for prey, and I shall scatter them to all the winds among the clipped of mustaches, and from all their borders I shall bring their ruin, says LORD JEHOVAH

33And Khatsur shall be a dwelling for jackals and a desolation until eternity. A man shall not dwell there and a son of man shall not settle there

34About Eilam: the word of LORD JEHOVAH that was on Jeremiah the Prophet that was prophesied upon Eilam in the beginning of the Kingdom of Tsedeqiah King of Judea

35Thus says LORD JEHOVAH of Hosts: “Behold, I break the bow of Eilam, the Chief of their might

36And I shall bring on Eilam four winds from four corners of Heaven and I shall scatter them among all these winds, and there shall not be a nation where outcasts of Eilam shall not be

37And I shall break Eilam before their enemies and before those who seek their souls, and I shall bring evil against them, the heat of my passion, says LORD JEHOVAH, and I shall send among them a sword until I finish them

38And I shall set my throne in Eilam (Eternity), and I shall destroy from there Kings and Rulers, says LORD JEHOVAH �

39And in the last of days, I shall return the captivity of EilamEternity, says LORD JEHOVAH

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