Job 19
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1And Job answered and said:

2“How long will you grieve my soul and afflict me with words?

3Behold, ten times you have rebuked me and you are unashamed that you sadden me

4And if truly I have gone astray, my error will be with me

5And if, from truth, you have magnified yourselves against me, and you have rebuked me and reproached me

6Know therefore that God is my creditor, and he has spread his net over me

7And if I wail, no man answers me, and if I shall make an appeal, there is none who redeems me

8My ways he has fenced in that I may not pass, and laid darkness on my path

9My glory he stripped from me, and has taken away the crown of my head

10He has uprooted me from all my sides and I am gone, and he picked up my hope like wood

11And his anger had grown strong against me, and he considers me as an enemy to him

12And his Apostles together came against me and they disputed their ways against me and they camped around my tent

13My brothers have gone far from me and my acquaintances have left

14My neighbors are cut off from my presence and my acquaintances have forgotten me

15Dwellers in my house and my maids consider me as a foreigner, and I am a stranger in their eyes

16I called my Servant and he did not answer me, and I entreated him with the words of my mouth and I begged him

17I have been a stranger to my wife and I have begged the son of my bowels

18Also the evil abhorred me; I stood up and they spoke against me

19All the counselors of my counsel have despised me, also my friends turned against me

20My skin and my flesh is stuck on my bones and I have escaped by the skin of my teeth

21Have pity on me! Have pity on me, you my friends, because it is the hand of God that has touched me!

22Why will you persecute me, even you, like God, and with my flesh you will not be satisfied?

23But, oh Creator, that my words were written and inscribed in a scroll

24And with a pen of iron and with a pen of lead for eternity, and upon stone they would be inscribed!

25And I know that my Redeemer is living, and in the end on the Earth he shall be revealed

26And over my skin it is I will be surrounded with these things and over my flesh

27If my eyes will see God, my kidneys see the light. It is ending, for I am ended by my resurrection

28For you say: ‘why do we persecute him?’ For The Good Word has found occasion against me

29Save yourselves from before the sword, because the wrath of sins is a sword, so that you will know there is a judgment!”

The Peshitta Holy Bible Translated
Translated by Glenn David Bauscher
Glenn David Bauscher
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