Job 8
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1And Bildad the Shukhite answered and said

2How long will you speak these things and a proud spirit fill your mouth?

3Will God practice evil judgment, or the Almighty One pervert the right?

4If your children sinned against him, he sent them away in their sins

5And if you seek God and you will beg The Almighty

6If you are innocent and upright, now he will be attentive to you, and he shall restore the dwelling of your righteousness

7And your beginning will be small and your end will be very great

8Ask now about the first generations and discern the search of their fathers

9For we are of yesterday; we know nothing, and our days on the Earth are like a shadow

10And behold, those will teach you and they will say to you, and words will go forth from their heart:

11“Does a reed grow in a thirsty place or papyrus reed spring up where there is no water?

12While it is in its growth it is not picked, and before all grass it dries up

13So are the ways of everyone who forgets God, and the hope of the pagan will be destroyed

14And his trust will be cut down, and his house is the house of the spider

15He will put trust on his house and it will not stand, and he will hold firmly and it will not be established

16It is as green fruit before the sun

17And the waves will dash against his foundation, and he will see a house of stone

18If they uproot him from his place, and he will lie to him and shall say to him: “I did not see you”

19Behold, he examines all their ways, and from the dust another will sprout

20God does not despise the perfect and does not hold evil doers by the hand

21Until your mouth will be filled with laughter and your lips with a song

22Your haters will be clothed in shame and the tent of the wicked is not

The Peshitta Holy Bible Translated
Translated by Glenn David Bauscher
Glenn David Bauscher
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