Joshua 23
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1And after many days LORD JEHOVAH gave rest to Israel from all their enemies who surrounded them. And Yeshua was old and advanced in years 2And Yeshua called all Israel, its Elders and its Leaders and its Judges and its Scribes, and he said to them: “I am old and am advanced in years 3And you have seen all that LORD JEHOVAH your God did to all these nations, for he destroyed them from before you, and LORD JEHOVAH your God has done your fighting 4See that I have not divided to you these nations that are left in the inheritance of your tribes from the Jordan; and all the nations that I put to the sword, and the Great Sea in the west I have divided to you 5LORD JEHOVAH your God shall break them, and he shall destroy them from before you and you shall inherit their land, as LORD JEHOVAH your God said to you 6Only be greatly strengthened and keep and do all that is written in the Book of The Law of Moshe the Servant of LORD JEHOVAH, and you shall not turn away from him, neither to the right, nor to the left 7And you shall not mix among these Gentiles who are left among you, and the name of their gods you shall not call to mind, neither shall you swear by them, neither shall you serve them and you shall not bow to them 8But cling to LORD JEHOVAH your God, just as you have done until today 9And LORD JEHOVAH has destroyed from before you great and fortified nations, and a man has not stood against you until today 10One man of you shall chase a thousand, because LORD JEHOVAH your God is with you, and he has executed your battle, just as he said to you 11Take good care in your souls to be in awe of LORD JEHOVAH your God! 12But if you will return and you will cleave to the remainder of these nations who were left among you, and you shall be to them sonsinlaw, and you shall be joined to them and those among you 13You shall know that LORD JEHOVAH your God will not continue to destroy these nations from before you, and they shall be a trap for you and for a stumbling block, and spearheads in your sides and fishhooks in your eyes, until you shall be destroyed from the good land that LORD JEHOVAH your God gave to you

14But behold, I am going in the way of all the Earth, but know you in all your heart and in all your soul that this word has not failed, of all the good words that LORD JEHOVAH your God said concerning you; all of them have come upon you, and one word has not failed 15And just as all the good words come to you that LORD JEHOVAH your God spoke to you, in this way all these curses will come upon you, until he would destroy you from this good land that he has given to you 16If you violate the covenant of LORD JEHOVAH your God and the commandments which you have been commanded, and you will go and you will serve other gods and you will worship them, the anger of LORD JEHOVAH your God shall be hot against you, and you shall be destroyed quickly from the good land that he has given to you

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Glenn David Bauscher
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