Micah 5
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1Therefore you shall go out with robbers, daughter of strong robbers who arose against us and they struck The Shepherd of Israel with a rod on his cheek

2But you, Bayth Lekhem Ephratha, you are little of those who are among the thousands of Judea. From you will come forth the Ruler who will be over Israel, and his going forth is from the beginning, from the days of the eternities

3Therefore he shall restore them until the time whenever the woman in labor gives birth and the remainder of his brothers will be turned to the children of Israel

4And he shall arise and he shall shepherd by the strength of LORD JEHOVAH and in the honor of the name of LORD JEHOVAH his God, and they shall be converted, because from now he shall be great unto the ends of the Earth

5And there will be peace, and the Assyrian, whenever he comes to our country and treads in our palaces, we will raise up against him seven Shepherds and eight Princes of man

6And they shall shepherd the land of Assyria with the sword and the land of Nimrod in his wrath and he shall save us from the Assyrian so that he will not come to our country and he will not tread in our borders

7And the remainder of Yaqob will be among the people, among the many nations as the dew from before LORD JEHOVAH, and like the drops upon the grass that does not wait for a man and does not abide for a son of man

8And the remnant of Yaqob will be among the people among the many nations, as a lion among domestic animals of sheep, and like a whelp of a lion in a flock of sheep which when he selects and has cut it off, he tears it apart and there is none who will deliver

9Your hand shall be lifted up against your haters and all your enemies shall be destroyed

10But in that day, says LORD JEHOVAH, I shall destroy your horses from within you and I shall destroy your chariots

11And I shall destroy the towns of your land, and I shall overthrow all of your fortified cities

12And I shall destroy the enchantments of your hands, and you shall have demons no more

13And I shall destroy your carved images and your high places from within you, and you shall worship the work of your hands no more

14And I shall destroy your groves from within you and I shall lay waste to your cities

15And I shall perform vengeance in anger and in the rage of the nations, those which have not listened

The Peshitta Holy Bible Translated
Translated by Glenn David Bauscher
Glenn David Bauscher
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