Micah 6
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1Hear therefore the thing that LORD JEHOVAH said: “Arise, judge with the mountains and the hills shall hear your voice

2Hear, you mountains, the judgment of LORD JEHOVAH, and you depths of the foundations of the Earth, because LORD JEHOVAH judges with his people and he rebukes Israel!

3My people, what have I done to you, or in what have I grieved you? Testify to me!

4Have I not brought you up from the land of Egypt and redeemed you from the house of bondage, and sent before you Moses and Aaron and Maryam?

5My people, remember therefore what Balaq, King of Moab, purposed against you, and what Balaam son of Beor answered him from Sitim and unto Gilgal, because he knew the righteousness of LORD JEHOVAH!

6With what will I come before LORD JEHOVAH and will I please God Most High? Shall I come before him with peace burnings or with oneyear old calves?

7LORD JEHOVAH is not pleased with thousands of rams, neither with ten thousands of a host of heifers. If I shall give my first born, it is evil to me and the fruits of my belly are the sin of my soul

8I have shown you, son of man, the thing that is useful that you may seek LORD JEHOVAH for yourself, that you will do justice and you shall love grace and you shall be prepared to go after your God

9The voice of LORD JEHOVAH upon the city proclaims doctrine to worshipers of his name; hear, tribe, he who shall testify!

10For again fire is in the house of the Evil One and the storehouses of the Evil One, and a small measure of depravity

11How would they be justified with a balance of evil and with a bag of the weights of deceit?

12For its rich men are filled with fraud and its inhabitants speak falsehood and their tongue is deceitful in their mouths

13Also I shall begin to strike you and I shall destroy you because of your sins

14And you shall eat and you shall not be satisfied, and dysentery will be among you, and you shall thresh and you will not save, and anything that you save I shall hand over to the sword

15You shall sow and you shall not reap. You shall press olives and you shall not anoint with oil, and you shall press wine and you shall not drink

16For you have kept the commandments of Omri and all the works of the house of Akhab, and you have walked in their counsels; because of this, I have put it into a stupor and the inhabitants into hissing, and the shame of my people you shall bear

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