Nehemiah 10
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1Nekhemiah the Elder, son of KhananYah Chief of the Priests and Zerakhyah 2And Serayah and Azrayah and Jeremiah 3And Pashkhur and Jeremiah and Melakyah and Shephatyah 4And Khatush and Shekanyah and Meluk 5And Shekum and Azmuth, Gebaryah 6Daniel, Gebithun, Baruk 7Mashlam, Abiah, Benyamin 8Maaziah, Belgi, Shemaiah: these are the Priests. 9And the Levites: Yeshua, son of Izaniah, Bani, Mebni, Khadar, Qadmayah. 10And their brothers: Shekania and Uriyah, Qeltiah, Pelatiah, Khanani. 11Mikah, Rekub, Kheshabya 12Zekur, Sherabyah, Shekania 13Hudia, the sons of Bani. 14The Heads of the people: Parash was authorized over Moab, Ilam, the Zitites. 15The sons of Azgar and the sons of Aduniah 16Bagway, Adun 17Atar, Khezakiah, Azur 18Uriah, Kheshum, Batsi 19Khuziph, Anathoth, Nabi 20Maphgash, Mashlam, Eziphi 21Meshuzphayel, Zadoq, Yawida 22Pelatiah, Khanani, Enanyah 23Husha, KhananYah, Yeshua 24Halush, Pelkha, Shebuq 25Arkhum, Kheshabyah, Massia 26Akhiyah, Khanani, Enan 27Maluk, Kharam, Baanah.

28And the rest of the people, the Priests and the Levites and the Porters and the Ministers and the Servants and all who were separated from the Gentiles of the cities will come to the Law of LORD JEHOVAH, they and their wives and their children and their daughters and everyone whoever knew and understood. 29And they were strengthened with their brethren and with their neighbors, and they entered into an oath and into a covenant to walk in the Torah of LORD JEHOVAH that he gave into the hand of Moshe the Servant of LORD JEHOVAH, and to keep and do all the commandments of LORD JEHOVAH our Lord, and his judgments and his laws 30And that we will not give our daughters to the Gentiles of the land, and their daughters we will not take for our sons. 31And we will not take from the Gentiles of the Earth what they bring, and everyone who hires a beast on the day of the Sabbath shall receive no wage, and he shall not carry a burden on the day of the Sabbath, because it is holy, and we shall forgive everything which is owed to us, and in the seventh year we shall forgive.

32And we confirmed the commandments upon ourselves, that we would be giving a third of a stater on the Sabbath for the service of the house of our God 33For the bread of the offering, for the continual offering and for the continual sacrifice of the Sabbaths, and of the beginning of months, and of the feasts, and of holy things, and of the forgiveness of the sin of Israel, and all the work of the house of our God.

34And the Priests and the Levites and the people cast lots for offerings of wood to bring to the house of LORD JEHOVAH our God, as it is written in the book of the Law 35To bring the first fruits of our ground and the first fruits of all fruit of the trees, every year by year 36And to bring to the house of LORD JEHOVAH the firstborn ones of our sons and of our cattle, just as it is written in the law of LORD JEHOVAH, and the firstborn of our oxen and of our sheep 37To bring to the house of our God for the Priests who serve in the house of our God, and the first fruits of our kneading troughs and of our threshing floors; and of the fruit of all of our trees, vineyards and oil we will give to the Priests who serve before our God, and one of ten of our lands we will give to the Levites, and those Levites shall be accepting tithes from all the towns of our farming. 38And the Priest, the son of Aaron, will be with the Levites with their tithes, and the Levites shall receive one tenth for the house of our God, for the house of storages and the house of treasure. 39Because the children of Israel and the children Levi will bring the first fruits of grain and of wine and of oil to the house of storages, and there are the vessels of holiness, and the Priests and the Levites and the Porters and the Guards shall not forsake the house of our God.

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