Nehemiah 9
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1and in the twentyfourth day of this month, the children of Israel were assembled in fasting and in sackcloth, and they cast ashes upon themselves. 2And the seed of Israel were separated from all the Gentiles, and they stood and were confessing concerning their sins and concerning the sins of their fathers. 3And they stood at their places and they were reading in the book of the Law of LORD JEHOVAH their God. A fourth of the day they read, and a fourth of the day they confessed and they worshipped before LORD JEHOVAH their God. 4And the Chiefs stood over the Levites: Yeshua and the sons of Qadmayel, Bani, Kheshabya and the sons of Sherabyah, and the sons of Kabni, and they prayed before LORD JEHOVAH their God in a loud voice.

5And the Levites, Yeshua and Qadmayel, Bani, Kheshabya, and Sherabyah and Hudiah and Shekaniah and Petakhya were saying: “Stand up and bless LORD JEHOVAH their God from eternity and unto eternity, and blessed is the name of his honor, and he is exalted over all creatures in praises.

6You are LORD JEHOVAH, you alone, you have made Heaven and the Heavens of Heavens and all their hosts, and Earth and everything that is upon it, and the waters and everything that is in them, and you are he who gives life to all of them, and the companies of Heaven are bowing down to you.

7You are LORD JEHOVAH God who had chosen Abram, and you brought him out from Ur of the Chaldeans, and you changed his name to Abraham.

8And you found his heart pure before you, and you swore to him an oath to give him the land of the Canaanites and of the Khethites and of the Amorites and of the Perezites and of the Khivites and of the Yebusites and of the Gergusites, to give to his seed, and you confirmed your words with him, because you are righteous.

9And you saw the bondage of our fathers who were in Egypt, and you heard their cry at the Sea of Reeds.

10And you performed signs and wonders with Pharaoh and with all his army and with all the people of the land, for you knew what they had done with your people, and you have made for yourself the name as it is today.

11And you opened the sea before them, and they crossed within the sea on dry land, and you sank their persecutors in the depths of the sea as a stone sinks in mighty waters.

12And by a pillar of cloud you led them by day and by a column of fire in the night to enlighten a way for them to walk in it.

13And upon the Mountain of Sinai you came down and you spoke with them from Heaven, and you gave them upright judgments and the laws of the truth and statutes and commandments that are good.

14And the Sabbath of your holiness you made known to them, and the commandments and statutes and laws that you commanded them by the hand of Moshe your Servant.

15Bread from Heaven you gave to them for their hunger, and water from a stone you gave to them for their thirst, and you said to them to enter and to possess the land that your hand had prepared to give them.

16But they and their fathers did evil and they hardened their necks, and they did not listen to your commandments.

17And they chose not to listen and they did not remember your wonders that you had done for them, and their heart returned to their evil works, and you are God, forgiving and compassionate and merciful, far from wrath and near prayer; you did not abandon them.

18For they made a calf by smelting, and they said: ‘This is your God, Israel, that brought you up from the land of Egypt!’ And they did great evils.

19And you in your many mercies did not forsake them in the wilderness, and the pillar of cloud did not pass away from them by day, to lead them in the way, and the pillar of fire in the night to illuminate for them the way in which to go.

20And your good Spirit you gave to teach them, and manna you did not restrain from their mouths, and water you gave them for their thirst.

21And for forty years you withheld nothing from them in the wilderness; their garments were not worn out and their shoes were not broken up.

22And you gave them the kingdoms of the Gentiles, and you distributed to them, to each chief man, and they possessed the land of Sihun, the land of the King of Kheshbun, and the land of Og, King of Bishun.

23And their children you multiplied as the stars which are in Heaven, and you brought them to the land, and you told their fathers to enter it and inherit it.

24And the sons entered and possessed the land and you defeated the inhabitants of the land of the Canaanites before them, and you delivered them into their hands, them and their Kings and the peoples of the land, to do with them according to their will.

25And they seized mighty cities and heavenly land, and they possessed households that were full of all goods, and dug wells and vineyards and olive trees and trees of many foods, and they ate and were satisfied, and they became fat, and they enjoyed themselves in your great goodness.

26And they turned and they were unfaithful to you, and they threw your Law outside of their minds, and they murdered your Prophets, because they told them to return to you, and they did great evil.

27And you delivered them into the hand of their enemies, and they distressed them, and in the time of trouble they begged of you, and you heard them from Heaven according to your many mercies, and you appointed to them a Savior, and he saved them from the hand of their oppressors.

28And when you relieved them, they returned to do what is hateful before you, and you turned them over into the hands of their enemies, and they subdued them, and they turned and they prayed in your presence, and you heard from Heaven, and you saved them every time according to the abundance of your mercies.

29And you testified among them to turn them to your Torah, and they did evil and they did not listen to your commandments, and they sinned against your judgments, which if a son of man keeps he shall live by them, and they made for themselves a rebellious shoulder and they hardened their neck and they did not listen.

30And you preached to them many years and you testified among them by your Spirit, by the agency of your Prophets, and they did not listen, and you delivered them into the hand of the Gentiles of the cities.

31And because of your many mercies, you did not destroy them, and you did not abandon them, because you are a compassionate and loving God.

32Therefore our God is The Great God and The Mighty Man and The Awesome One, keeping vows and the truth. All the suffering coming upon us and upon our Kings and upon our Princes and upon our Priests and upon our Prophets and upon our fathers and upon all the people will not be concealed from you, from the days of the Kings of Assyria even until today.

33And you are righteous for everything that has come upon us, because you are in the right, for we have done evil.

34Neither have our Kings and our Princes and our Priests and their fathers performed your Law, neither have they paid attention to your commandments or to your testimonies which you testified before them.

35And they renounced your kingdom and your great goodness that you have given to them in the good and heavenly land that you have given them, and they have not served you, neither did they turn from their evil works.

36Because of this, we are Servants today, and the land that you have given to our fathers to eat its fruit and its good, behold, we are as Servants serving within it.

37And the Kings that you appointed over us take its fruits, because we have sinned, and they are authorized over our bodies and over our domestic animals, according to their pleasure, and we live in great affliction.

38And among all these we swear in the truth and we testify to the seal, our Elders and the Levites and our Priests and all those who lived among us.”

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Translated by Glenn David Bauscher
Glenn David Bauscher
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