Numbers 6
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1And LORD JEHOVAH spoke with Moshe and said to him: 2“Speak with the children of Israel and say to them: ‘A man or a woman who will separate and will vow the vow of a Nazarite and will be separated to LORD JEHOVAH. 3Shall separate from wine and from strong drink; such shall not drink vinegar of wine or vinegar of strong liquor nor shall drink any juice of grapes nor shall eat grapes or raisins. 4All of the days of his Nazaritehood, everything that is made from the vine of grape juice, from the skins and unto the grape stones, he shall not eat.

5All of the days of the vow of his Nazaritehood; and a razor not will pass on his head until the days when he is separated to LORD JEHOVAH may be fulfilled; he shall be holy and shall grow the hairs of his head.

6All of the days that he is separated to LORD JEHOVAH; and he shall not enter upon the person of the dead. 7And he shall not be defiled by them, with his father or with his mother or with his brother or with his sister, in their death, because the crown of his God is on his head. 8All of the days of his Nazaritehood; he is holy to LORD JEHOVAH.

9And if the dead should die upon him suddenly, the head of his Nazaritehood shall be defiled and he shall shave his head in the day of purifying and the seventh day he shall shave it. 10And the eighth day he shall bring two turtledoves or two young doves to the Priest, to the door of the Time Tabernacle. 11One in exchange for sin and one for a burnt peace offering, and he shall atone for him for the sin that he sinned by the person, and he shall hallow his head in that day. 12And he shall be separated before LORD JEHOVAH the days of his Nazaritehood and he shall bring a lamb, a son of a year, for an offering, and the former days shall be nullified because his Nazaritehood was defiled.

13This is the law of the Nazarite in the days when the days of his Nazaritehood are fulfilled; he shall be brought to the door of the Time Tabernacle. 14And he shall offer his offering to LORD JEHOVAH: one lamb, a son, a year old that has no defect, for a burnt offering, and one ewe lamb, a daughter of a year that has no flaw in her, in the place of sin, and one ram that has no flaw for a peace sacrifice. 15And a basket of unleavened bread, cakes of fine flour that is mixed with oil and unleavened wafers that are anointed with oil and their meal offerings and their drink offerings. 16And the Priest shall bring it before LORD JEHOVAH and he shall offer his sin offering and his burnt peace offering. 17And he shall make a ram a peace sacrifice to LORD JEHOVAH on a basket of unleavened bread, and the Priest shall make his meal offering and his drink offering. 18And the Nazarite shall shave the head of his separation in the gate of the Time Tabernacle and he shall take the hair of the head of his separation and he shall put it in the fire that is under the peace sacrifice. 19And the Priest shall take the boiled shoulder of the ram and one unleavened cake from the basket and one unleavened wafer, and he shall put it in the hands of the Nazarite after he shaves his Nazaritehood. 20And the Priest shall set them apart as a dedication before LORD JEHOVAH; it is holy to the Priest with the breast of dedication and with the shank of dedication, and then the Nazarite will drink wine.

21This is the law of the Nazarite who vows to LORD JEHOVAH an offering for his separation apart from whatever he is capable of, according to what is enough; the vow that he vows, in this way he shall do, by the law of his Nazaritehood.’”

22And LORD JEHOVAH spoke with Moshe and said to him. 23“Speak with Ahron and with his sons and say to them: ‘In this way you shall bless the children of Israel: say to them.

24“LORD JEHOVAH shall bless you and shall preserve you.

25LORD JEHOVAH shall shine his faces upon you and he shall give you life.

26LORD JEHOVAH shall lift his faces upon you and make peace for you.”

27And they shall put My Name on the children of Israel and I shall bless them.’”

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