Numbers 5
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1And LORD JEHOVAH spoke with Moshe and said to him: 2“Command the children of Israel that they put everyone who is a leper and everyone who has a discharge and everyone who is defiled in himself outside of the camp. 3From male and unto female you shall put out them outside of the camp and they shall not defile your camps, for I dwell among you.” 4And the children of Israel did in this way and they took them outside of the camp, and as LORD JEHOVAH said to Moshe, so the children of Israel did.

5And LORD JEHOVAH spoke with Moshe and said to him: 6“Say to the children of Israel: ‘If a man or a woman will commit any sin of the children of men and they will do evil before LORD JEHOVAH, that soul shall be condemned. 7And they shall confess their sins that they have done and he shall return his sin on his head, and he shall add one fifth to it and return it to him whose the sin offering is. 8And if the man does not have one who is near to him, he may bring a sin offering for the sake of sin for his person that they bring for his sake before LORD JEHOVAH to the Priest; it shall be apart from the ram of the atonement by which he is atoned. 9And every offering of all holy things that the children of Israel bring to the Priest shall be his. 10And a man’s holy thing shall be his, and a man who gives to the Priest, it shall be his.'"

11And LORD JEHOVAH spoke with Moshe and said to him: 12“Speak with the children of Israel and say to them: ‘When a man’s wife will go wrong and she will do evil to him. 13And a man will have sexual intercourse with her, copulating with seed, and it is hidden from the eyes of her husband, and it is secret, and she is defiled, and there is no witness against her and she is not caught. 14And a spirit of jealousy shall come on her husband and he becomes jealous against his wife when she was defiled, or a spirit of jealousy will come upon him and he becomes jealous against his wife when she was not defiled. 15The man shall bring his offering to the Priest: one tenth ephah of barley flour, and he shall not pour oil upon it and he shall not lay frankincense upon it, because it is a meal offering, because it is a jealousy meal offering of a memorial that recalls sin.

16The Priest shall bring her and she shall stand before LORD JEHOVAH. 17And the Priest shall take holy water in a vessel of a potter and the Priest shall take some dust that is in the base of the altar and throw it in the water. 18And the Priest shall stand the woman before LORD JEHOVAH and he shall shave the head of the woman and he shall put the meal offering of remembrance, the meal offering of jealousy in her hands, for bitter testing waters shall be in the hands of the Priest. 19And the Priest shall put the woman under oath and shall say to her: "If a man has not had sexual intercourse with you and you have not done wrong and you have not been defiled outside of your husband, be cleared from these bitter waters of testing. 20But if you have done wrong outside of your husband and you are defiled and a man other than your husband had sexual intercourse with you.” 21The Priest shall put the woman under oath in the oath of a curse and the Priest shall say to the Woman: "LORD JEHOVAH shall give you a curse and an oath within your people; LORD JEHOVAH shall rot your thigh; your belly shall swell up. 22And these testing waters shall enter your belly and they shall swell your fountains and they shall rot your thighs”, and that woman shall say, "Amen, Amen.”

23And the Priest shall write these curses in a scroll and he shall blot them out with the water of testing. 24And the woman shall drink the bitter testing water and the testing waters shall enter into her to test her. 25And the Priest shall take the meal offering of jealousy from the hands of the woman and he shall offer the meal offering before LORD JEHOVAH and he shall offer it up on the altar. 26And the Priest shall offer the memorial of the meal offering and he shall offer it on the altar and then he shall make the woman drink the water. 27And if she has been defiled and she has done evil to her husband, and the testing waters entered into her and they tested her and her belly swelled up and her thigh has rotted, that woman will be for a curse from within her people. 28But if that woman is not defiled and she is pure, she shall be spared and she shall bear a male.

29This is the law of jealousy when a woman does wrong apart from her husband and she shall be defiled. 30Or a man upon whom will enter a spirit of jealousy and he will be jealous against his wife and he shall stand the woman before LORD JEHOVAH and the Priest will do to her this whole law. 31And that man will be absolved from sin and that woman shall carry her sin.’”

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